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C16/11a SET FREE your INNER CREATION with Jennifer Scott

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Jennifer Scott aired March 15th-21st 

A former self-help junkie who spent far more time and money than she’d like to admit on personal development, Jennifer Scott is now a firm believer that all of us already have the power to create what we want in our lives.

Jennifer over came suffering from high anxiety and a divorce to find joy in a new life.

Everything you need to create what you desire, crave and long for is – and always has been – inside of you.

Today, as a Creation Coach, teacher and spiritual supernova, Jennifer specializes in teaching her clients with the HOW of creating the life and/or business they dream of.

Sassy and spiritual, stylish and soulful, Jennifer isn’t your typical life coach. If your life needs a shake up, and you are ready to create what you want, she’s your girl!

And you know you are ready, destined to create more

But you are still left feeling….

  1. unsure if the universe REALLY has your back because you’ve “tried it all” and don’t feel any closer to your ultimate desires (i.e. wealth, happiness, love life, boomin biz)

  2. resentful that you’ve “wasted” quite a lot of money – and maybe half your life – on self-help books, seminars, courses, coaches and the like

  3. positive there must be a better way to find whatever it is you’re seeking but you just haven’t quite found the how to yet.

  4. Get the clarity and the how to and create your dream once and for all.




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Helping people create a business they love and make money doing it! An End to the $5K Struggle: Learn how to make 4 figure months before trying to create 5 figure ones

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