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C16/08a Cheryl Bass : “I AM WOMAN”

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Cheryl Bass aired from February 23-29th 


I AM WOMAN is a ‘heart centred’ family of aspiring women in business, management and leadership, who motivate, inspire, empower and support one another through its network of Business Clubs and On-line Forums.

As a woman in business YOU ALREADY RECOGNISE how much you need to know, keep up to date with, grow and learn. But you will also recognise how difficult, expensive and challenging it is to keep you playing and staying at the top of your game in business. And that is why within our I AM WOMAN Business Club Membership sits our ASPIRE Entrepreneurial Development Programme For Women.

We exist to walk alongside aspiring women, supporting them to flourish and achieve their goals. Offering networking opportunities with like-minded women from all walks of life, who have a mutual interest in succeeding, alongside helping you develop your confidence, skills, experience and knowledge. The content of our monthly events is recognised by ilm as a entrepreneurial development programme for women, enabling you to use these events as part of your ongoing CPD.

ASPIRE is developed from our Founders Award Winning Research – ‘Once Upon A Time – how childhood development impacts upon entrepreneurial posture’. This research has been developed further over 2 decades and can now be used to help us all to grow up again beyond our pasts, beyond our fears and how to ride the growth edge of business success.

2016 will see the launch of 3 other books Once Upon A Time, Aspire and How To Look Good & Feel Great In Business.

FOUNDER Cheryl Bass, Award Winning Inspirational Business Growth Speaker and Coach

Cheryl Bass, The business expert, has spent over 24 years leading national and international businesses at the highest level, putting her in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges.

Her mix of vast experience allied with an accomplished ability to make business simple and her infectious enthusiasm and energy has inspired global audiences to seek Cheryl’s advice to achieve immediate, yet sustainable business and personal growth

One of the 100 brilliant women in Britain for two years running and Speaker and Trainer of the Year 2012, Cheryl Bass is Managing Director of I AM WOMAN, a global network of exclusively women business clubs that she founded in Cardiff in 2010.

I AM WOMAN also has business clubs in Cardiff, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire and is set to expand nationally and internationally over the next two years.



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Cheryl’s commitment to providing support and encouragement for female business executives and entrepreneurs dates back to 1992 when she launched one of the first Enterprise Centres for women in business. The centre became a global model for best practice in developing enterprise services to women in business and led to the first Women’s Initiative Group in Wales, funded by European Funding. As a central figure in the initiative, Cheryl directed and managed its programme, contracts, budgets and PR and created evaluation strategies for developments affecting businesswomen.

Cheryl is also a published author. Her works include Walking in My Shoes, Playing & Staying At The Top Of Your Game and Embracing & Releasing The Celebrity In You, a collection of short stories about inspirational women, a series of books exploring the childhood development of entrepreneurs, and several anthologies, self-help and tactical business planning books and online materials. Cheryl’s poetry appears in Sue Maggott’s Believe: the Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs.

To see what is coming up with I AM WOMAN and to know more about Cheryl Bass and how to bring I AM WOMAN program to your area click on links below.

I-am-woman-founder Cheryl Bass 

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