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C16/06a Building of an On-line Tribe

Choose Positives Living with Sara Troy and Stacy Hoffer aired February 9th-15th 


Stacey Hoffer is a certified life coach, self-love guide, inspiring author, sacred women’s circle leader, and the founder of The Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood. She guides and empowers women to release their fears and old stories so they can live in more alignment with their inner wisdom and their heart and soul desires. She also helps heart-centered female visionaries elevate their online presence using social media and online communities. Stacey serves women all around the world through in-person and virtual women’s circles, group programs, retreats, and private coaching.

She believes gathering women in circle is essential to empowering women to step into their light. Now, more than ever before, women are craving a deep authentic sense of belonging. They want to be seen, even though they may still be scared to shine.

Stacy says “I am passionate about helping heart-centered female entrepreneurs create on-line tribes that give women the gift of being seen, heard, and witnessed. During the past eight years, as a social media and on-line community strategist, I have discovered that bringing women together  within an intentional supportive on-line tribe  and by fostering deep, real, powerful on-line conversations is not only empowering (and healing) for women, it’s also good for your business.”


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1) ELEVATE YOUR ON-LINE PRESENCE for heart-centred female visionaries, coaches, and authors who want to amplify their message using social media and on-line communities. Receive all the tools, training and support you need to amplify your message, grow your tribe, connect with the women you want to serve, and be supported by heart-minded peers.

2)  2) SOUL ALIGNMENT LIVING for women ready to live in more alignment with their heart and soul desires. If it feels like you are not living the life you were born to live, choose to journey inwards, to find the answers inside your heart and soul that are ready to be revealed and remembered! Join me for an experience that will realign you with your heart and soul desires, leaving you free to shine your radiant light and bring your dreams & desires into form!

I specialize in guiding heart-centered female entrepreneurs and authors to implement proven, engaging on-line community strategies and social media campaigns to help them spread their empowering messages while also growing their businesses.

Living your dream.

You Tube: momrenewal

More on your hosts shows Choose-positive-living


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