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C16/04b “Hands of Light” Divine Energy

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Toks Coker, aired January 26/16

Toks Coker uses the energy and power of her “Hands of Light” to bring light to so many people across the world. Her joy, passion, love, honesty and authenticity are a shining example of how we can all live our best life.


Toks is an Alchemical Spiritual Coach a Wisdom Life Coach, a Transformational Light Mentor and Spiritual Soul Guide. She is a true catalyst who changes things and brings out the best in a person or situation.  Her wisdom, care, protection and intuition have caused her clients and students to call her ‘Spirit Mummy’ and ‘Medicine Woman’.

Toks is a Seasoned Healer with over 30 years experience, and is a True Master of her Craft. Born to a Shaman herself, Toks has the DNA Healing Matrix within her very own Ancestry.

Toks grew up watching her father praying in white and helping people who constantly came to see him with problems.  She lovingly remembers listening to him praying and offering food to the Spirits in each room of the house, while pretending to be asleep.  He did that every week it seemed, while everyone was asleep.  He would open all the rooms of the house carefully and quietly and say a prayer at the door and drop offerings.  She always felt protected whenever he did this.  He would also give a natural bitter herbal brew to everyone to drink once a month.

Toks works with various modalities to bring harmony and awaken the Soul’s Wisdom. She works with the Energy of Now which naturally promotes and induces an Alchemical Transformation and Resurrection of one’s own True Self.

Over the past 20 years, she has been channeling Invocation Blessings for the world on the New Moon and Full Moon; holding her Spiritual Alchemy Moon Meditation Workshops.  Her workshops are transformational, offering great insight and healing on a very deep level.

Well versed in many a discipline, and guided by her Spirit Guide, Hands of Light; she has been a beacon of light for many.   Toks offers: Relationship Coaching; Business Coaching; Career Coaching; Spiritual Life Coaching; Wisdom Readings; Starlight Tarot Readings; Angel Healing; Crystal Healing; Healing with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Immortals and Ascended Beings of Light.

In her one-to-one sessions, Toks works with the energy of the person in front of her to see which modality, or modalities, will work best not only with each particular client but also, as each client returns, their energy will be different and so, they may require a different modality or set of exercises, for each session.



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Her mission is to: Guide people towards the best journey that they can experience in their lives, through using her caring spirit to support people. Empower people with knowledge & tools to create a strong foundation of positive personal development & growth at all times. Educate people in the benefits of spiritual empowerment and teach them the power of their own inner light. Inspire people to develop fulfilling and loving relationships with themselves and others.


This is a Personal and Professional Development “Assessment Meeting” used to unpack client needs and identify which of the more in-depth development packages best suits the client. Toks uses this appointment to reveal the impediments resulting in the loss of energy focus, drive and purpose leading one to stagnation. Toks delivers this as an intense and powerful one-hour session ideal for individuals who require a nudge in the right direction towards their ultimate objective.


Toks Coker uses her innate spiritual essence to perform a variety of powerful and effective readings. Her readings include: Starlight Tarot Reading, Soul Readings, Past Life Readings. Her readings may include life lessons, communication with ancestors, past / present / future lives and healing; which form a foundation for guidance, release, laughter, tears, joy and hope.

Energy of Now

Toks works with this “Energy of Now”. In the New Moon, Toks works with the Energy of the New Moon of that Time of “Now”. With the energy of the Full Moon, Toks works with the Energy of the Full Moon of that Time of “Now”. So each New Moon / Full Moon is different from a previous New Moon / Full Moon because Toks is working with the “Energy of Now” of each New Moon / Full Moon.

7 Days 7 Chakras 

The purpose of 7 Days 7 Chakras is to empower you with positive feelings and actions that will enable you to take actions that yield positive results in your life. 7 Days 7 Chakras will help you to live a more fulfilled and happy daily life; bringing a spring into your step and your heart. Filled with vivid and beautiful images, this eBook will engage, inspire, invoke and catalyse you to heal yourself and move your life forward. Every part of this eBook is about empowering your mind, body and spirit; as well as, feeding your soul. I hope you enjoy your experiences and are rewarded gloriously in your life. The eBook is interactive which allows you to enter your thoughts within the eBook

7 Ways to Manifest

Look out for her new book coming soon. 

How to Clean Crystals eBook Cover

Moon Dates Calendar

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