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C16/03b “Birthing A Book”, right from God

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tom Bird aired January 19th/16

The New York Times says that 81% of Americans believe that they have books “stuck inside of them” that they just have to get out. Now, what if that vast number of people are actually being drawn by Source to do so?

Write to be in the hand of the readers.

Did you ever wonder why, at times, words just poured out of you or why you feel mysteriously drawn to write a book? If so, this book is for you. It answers all of the questions about why we are really meant to write. And, as you will find, the real reason we are drawn to write has way more significance than to just sell a few books or to make a name for ourselves. In this ultimate book for all authors and aspiring writers; Best Selling Author, legendary literary mid-wife and renowned author oracle, Tom Bird, shares it all. And in doing so, Tom frees us to finally succeed in all areas of writing. If writing is something you feel pushed to do or is something you want to do, this is a book not to be missed.

It will change your life and forever alter the way you look at the world and your role in it.

Writing a Book as a Path to Spiritual Self-Discovery

If this is indeed the case, would that communing directly back to Source truly enlighten the author as part of the process of deep introspection and creative unburdening?

That’s exactly what happens, says best selling author and renowned Book Whisperer Tom Bird who says that penning a book is one of the fastest and most sure fire routes to a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment, and which is why he believes so many are innately drawn to it.

Based on the thousands of people he has taught in his Write Your best seller a Weekend Retreats, Bird has mid-wifed his charges through dramatic transformations as they work through their resistance, fears, beliefs and painful memories that come to the fore when they begin the writing process. Time and again, he sees them breakthrough to new levels of self-awareness and conscious universal connections that change their lives.

His new book Write/Right From God provides insight into the transformative process that provides as much, if not more, benefit to the writer as it does to the reader! Bird cites actual case histories of his authors and how the book writing allowed them to clear years of emotional and physical pain.

Bird, who now has dozens of books to his name, started out much like his authors—with a burning desire to write a book. His zeal stemmed from his earliest childhood years, and finally after a “dark night of the soul” moment, he left his highly sought-after job as a young publicist for the Pittsburgh Pirates during its National League pennant and World Series winning seasons with Willie Stargell at the helm—to write the first book that was bursting to emerge, one whose success seemed clearly orchestrated by spirit. Toms Books

And now his life is about helping others to get their words on paper unimpeded…with an exciting benefit to boot!



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


Bird’s unique process takes author’s through a practice that temporarily “puts to sleep” the left brain, allowing the right brain to take control of the consciousness, opening connections that allow creative “downloading,” thus speeding the intuitive words and messages to paper. Writer’s block magically disappears! Remarkably he does this in just one weekend as a full book pours out!

Bird tells his authors: “You already have the direct connection to the Almighty that makes your light go on. What you need is just to adjust the cord a little bit, so that your connection better slips into the power source. With the connection in place, not only will your light shine brighter and more consistently for longer periods of time, but you may become more and more enlightened, for light attracts light. Writing a book though this method not only makes your light shine brightly and consistently, but the process of doing so will also make you aware of when your cord has loosened itself away from the outlet. It will also offer you a way to immediately get yourself re-plugged back in as well, so any necessary healing can begin.”

For Bird, guiding people in the soul-immersive process of bringing forth the books they are yearning to offer the world is his greatest joy. Says Bird: “I have grown enamoured with watching the birthing of a soul through the writing of a book. It just brings me the greatest of joys. It’s the biggest reason I have kept teaching through all these years.”

Bird also enlightens readers on:

  1. Why they should never feel guilty for not writing the book before now

  2. How to tell if you have a book stuck inside you trying to get out

  3. How to remove in just minutes the two major misunderstanding/blocks to which all authors fall prey.

  4. Why procrastination may be a good thing

  5. The true key to what really makes books sell, and how success starts with the author

  6. How we already have all we need to succeed as authors

  7. How you can go from aspiring writer to best-selling in just a few months

  8. And the six unique enlightenment experiences.


Write/Right From God ,  Amazon

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