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Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Cynthia Mazzaferro aired from December 8th on.


Cynthia Mazzaferro is a retired Physical Therapist and an Industrial Ergonomist for over 25 years where her expertise was in treatment and rehabilitation of the patient and work site assessment and redesign and educational training for injury prevention.  Cindy is currently reaching thousands as she empowers and offers many tools, techniques to transform lives as a Speaker, Motivational Teacher, Life Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner/Energy Healer and Ancestral Clearer and an ambassador for Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff.

Cindy’s work is dedicated to empowering individuals to take responsibility for their life and happiness and to understand their past memories and emotional pains no longer need to limit them.  Allowing healing and clearing of our old ancestral and individual wounds/pains to occur.  She is an author of an upcoming book called The Power Within – 3 Essential Keys to a Vibrant, Passionate and Empowered You. 

Cindy has been teaching her entire life as a physical therapist and ergonomist in rehabilitation and stress reduction.  Cindy has taught at numerous libraries, gyms, spas and at MILE (Middlesex Community College) and Olli (Osher Life Long Learning) and corporate settings.  Cindy continues to run a 10 week program, The Power Within, Improving Body and Mind that is highly attended.  She speaks frequently on radio/podcasts on a variety of subject matters.  In addition, she speaks how not all physical symptoms have physical origins.

Cindy coaches: individuals, teams, families, couples on achieving their goals while addressing areas that are holding them back. Her unique skill set and expertise allows her to custom fit your needs.  Allowing ancestral clearing of past often totally resolves problems that are happening currently in your life.  Until you address the root cause there will never be freedom from the trapped, suppressed emotional charge.

Cindy’s programs are very interactive and provides tools and techniques that are readily usable to the participants.  The connection between Body and mind is explored as well as positivity vs negative and the impact that it has on your energy and health.  Cindy encourages her clients to take ownership and release the emotional pains that many of us hold from our pasts and continue to limit us in some way and play a role in feel inadequate, unhappy, hopeless, and unloved.  Often we are totally unaware of how our past is limiting us and can actually be contributing to our health issues.



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Life after 50 years old can be a fabulous time, where you become more aware of how you are feeling, wanting to address your inner desires and to live a life that is happy, healthy and harmonious.  Learning never ceases and we can all continue to grow, succeed and heal.  Age does not have to become a barrier for happiness and health.  Cindy’s diverse expertise allows her to cover a wide range of topics and is often asked to return frequently


For additional details on topics or to schedule Cindy as a speaker or teacher please contact her by phone 203-494-1676 or

Email Cindy at to schedule your complimentary 15 minute coaching call to discuss your goals, desires and explore which coaching program best suit your needs.

When someone doesn’t know what to give you, tell them you have the PERFECT GIFT.

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