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C15/41 The New Pilgrims and a Renewal in Faith

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Joseph Castleberry aired October 13th-19th 

Immigrants, the world is made up of them and now we are seeing a new renewal in faith because of  them.

In The New Pilgrims, Dr. Castleberry provides an understanding of how immigrants are contributing to the renewal of American faith, as well as the positive contributions they are making to our churches, families, schools, politics, along with the economy.

Dr. Castleberry presents to the reader not only from a Christian perspective but from a practical point of view the significant impact immigrants are having on the church in America. Dr. Castleberry says, “The New Pilgrims is a bold, fresh look at how immigrants are renewing America’s faith.”

The New Pilgrims clearly shows us the impacts that immigrants have had from the very beginning of America, immigrants have had a powerful role in keeping America’s faith strong.  They have continually renewed America’s economy, its churches, family values, education, and politics.

Leaders like Varun Laohaprasit and Jesús de Paz renew churches by establishing new congregations that reach out to their fellow immigrants and help them establish productive lives as assimilated Americans.  Immigrants like Ilona Trofimovic and Isaac Canales renew family values by serving as a check and balance to rugged individualism, modeling family unity, community cohesion, and selfless sacrifice.

Motivators like Jesse Miranda bring hope, ambition, and innovation to America’s schools, and visionaries like Samuel Rodríguez help political parties move past polarizing debates and into new policies that serve the emerging national interest.  Today’s immigrants have not yet determined their future political loyalties, and they will gravitate to the party that serves the national interest best by providing the most opportunity for them and their families



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The New Pilgrims helps readers to understand why people who like religion should love immigrants. Contrary to some recent, politically biased attempts to make the Bible speak against “illegal immigrants,” careful study reveals the Bible’s powerful pro-immigrant teaching that has traditionally shaped America’s reception of newcomers.

American Christians who want to see the renewal of their faith should strongly support immigrants, as a massive wave of immigrants has arrived with new confidence in America’s historic faith and mission. Primarily composed of Christians, such immigrants are “The New Pilgrims,” and they have already begun to restore our national faith.

The New Pilgrims show political as well as religious leaders that despite significant recent declines in church attendance by White Americans, immigrants have increased the overall numbers of Christians in America.  Among Catholics, 70 percent of new adherents in the last 50 years have come from Latino immigrant families alone.

As for Evangelical Protestants, perhaps 100% of all net growth has come from immigration.  Evangelical immigrant churches, in particular, have experienced a powerful religious revival in recent years, a phenomenon included in a movement Time Magazine has referred to as “The Latino Reformation.”

But Latinos are not alone. The revival includes immigrants from all over the world.  The new Christian immigrants bear comparison to the Mayflower Pilgrims because of the way they see their journey to America as well as their interpretation of America’s national purpose.

Like the Puritan John Winthrop, they see America as a shining city on a hill, a beacon for godliness, freedom, democracy, and perhaps above all, opportunity. Among them, leaders like Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference predict a Third Great Awakening in America that will lead not only to religious renewal but also to the renewal of American society as a whole.

 Dr. Joseph Castleberry is President of Northwest University. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Education degree in International Educational Development from Columbia University. During 20 years of missionary service in Latin America, he spent three years as a university professor and pastor in El Salvador, Central America, three years as Associate Dean for Latin America at Global University in Texas, and five years as a pastor, seminary dean, and community development leader in Ecuador.


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La fe en los Estados Unidos está experimentando un potente avivamiento religioso, en particular entre los inmigrantes hispanos, ofreciendo una emocionante oportunidad para la renovación espiritual. Los Nuevos Peregrinos compara a los actuales inmigrantes hispanos con los primeros inmigrantes religiosos del siglo XVI: los Peregrinos de Massachusetts. Castleberry describe el efecto positivo que estos inmigrantes están teniendo, especialmente en términos de moralidad y valores familiares, al igual que de políticas conservadoras. + El Dr. Castleberry es el primer orador en la conferencia en 2015 para la Asociación Nacional de Latinos Evangélicos Hispanos, la organización latina más grande en los Estados Unidos. + Tiene un máster de la Universidad de Princeton y un doctorado de la Universidad de Columbia. + El Dr. Castleberry ha pasado más de 30 años en Latinoamérica como misionero y también como líder de desarrollo comunitario.


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