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C15/37a Cancer and Alzheimer’s Liberation

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Constance L. Vincent aired from September 15th-and on

To lose yourself or a loved one to Alzheimer’s or Cancer is heartbreaking, but with the right knowledge and action, we can empower healing and some prevention. 

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Cancer such a common word and disease these days and Alzheimer’s there is not much known about it, so how do you prepare and what tools do you need to take action in healing and empowering your health? Your health is your responsibility and the more you know and do, the longer you live and healthier you will be. 

There are two different paths of aging–and you can choose which one you take. Accountability or Neglect of Your Health?

A dynamic fusion of story and science, “Not Going Gently” offers a fresh look at Alzheimer’s and dementia from both personal and professional vantage points–and provides a plan for prevention. In this poignant mother-daughter memoir,  Constance L. Vincent, tablets you, shares her mother’s experience and feelings living with Alzheimer’s as well as her own perspective both as a psychologist and a potential victim of the disease.

Most books about Alzheimer’s focus on only one aspect of the disease from either a scientific or personal perspective. Not Going Gently expertly melds the two into an all-inclusive portrait of the disease. Dr. Vincent describes her own age-related memory changes and compares them to Alzheimer’s–the warning signs, myths, risks, diagnosis, and stages of the disease.  While she honestly addresses this devastating illness that affects millions of people and their loved ones, she also offers hope through groundbreaking discoveries in science. Dr. Vincent includes specific advice on the newest ideas in nutrition, lifestyle, and building a cognitive reserve that she is following to prevent Alzheimer’s and gives suggestions for more enlightened treatment.


As the daughter of a father who suffered from dementia before he died and a mother who has Alzheimer’s disease, I likely have a genetic risk for these diseases. Although my role as a long-distance caregiver for my mother was limited, I devoured the research about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in order to learn the best diet, the best supplements, and the best activities that would help my mother, who was already showing signs of mild cognitive impairment. I wanted to fight back to save her from slipping into Alzheimer’s.



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Learn the steps you can do to prevent and or deal with cancer and  Alzheimer’s, and what tools the family needs in dealing with a loved one who has it.  

Constance and her husband Ed live in Menlo Park, CA. They have a blended family of a son, four daughters, and twelve grandchildren. The Vincents have always travelled extensively, but now their travels are mainly to visit their widespread family! They enjoy their book clubs, operas, symphonies, and movies.


To contact Constance, please send an email to or to



Cancer is curable and preventable but we must be willing to make the changes necessary to heal ourselves and embrace wellness.

Take a look at this video and see what Dr. Vincent discovered that gave her husband back his life.

For more on Dr. Wu go to a-different-approach-conquer-cancer-and-other-diseases-with-simple-foods/

MORE ON YOUR HOST SARA TROY GO TO choose-positive-living



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