C15/35b Labyrinth Walking to Heal the Soul

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her Guest Diana Ng, originally aired September 2nd


Diana Ng, like most people, wants peace and possibilities in today’s frantic world. As a mature student, on her journey towards healing from trauma and making a career change, she discovers the labyrinth as a pathway to mindfulness and walking meditation.

Diana transforms words into music with her own narrative of how she came to be involved with labyrinths and how she built the first public labyrinth in the Vancouver metropolitan area, British Columbia, Canada.

In an inspiring, powerful, and thought-provoking way, the writer shares other people’s personal stories of the amazing effects they experienced walking a labyrinth.

Diana Ng, known as The Labyrinth Lady, in her community for successfully leading the project building the first public labyrinth in Greater Vancouver’s Lower Mainland with the City of Surrey.  This 42-foot diameter sacred pathway is located in Fleetwood Gardens (15802-80th Avenue, Surrey) near Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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  1. Finding calm

  2. Sharpening focus

  3. Improving morale

  4. Healing grief

  5. Facilitating reflection

  6. Heightening creativity

Her workshops have included:

  1. “Walking the Labyrinth: Discovering our Wisdom”

  2. “Walking the Labyrinth: Meditation in Motion”

  3. “Walking the Labyrinth: the Path to Peaceful Transitions”     CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY

Please contact Diana Ng, if you know of a group who could benefit from the possibilities of a labyrinth.

What does walking the Labyrinth mean?

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