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C15/34b Coaching, Memphis and Murder what do they have in common?

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Julie Starr airing August 25th-31st

Julie believes;

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‘The issues organisations face right require a basic shift in the principles we operate from. Most importantly, we need to move from a mind-set and perspective of ‘I’ to a felt sense and practical application of ‘we’. This ‘I’ and ‘we’ are just two small words and yet they a world away from each other. When we create results from a need to create ‘win-win’ solutions are so different they become unrecognisable from any results created from a more fear-based, independent view.’

Julie Starr is a highly respected coach, writer and speaker with 20 years’ experience in the coaching field. She is the founder of Starr Consulting, and a leading provider of coaching solutions to support organizational change.

Julie combines many years of coaching practice with a continuing study of human success and fulfilment. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, with extensive training in Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Leadership and linguistics. She is a Practitioner of The Journey Method (an emotional processing approach) and a graduate of Byron Katie’s school for The Work.

The other side of Julie is her new non business book on living from the inside out

Magic to Memphis

– What if you discovered that your life works from the inside out?

The new novel, by Julie Starr

Jessie is seventeen years old, a runaway musician living rough in a trailer with a pit bull dog called Bear. That’s fine by Jessie; she’s got big plans. A music contest in Memphis offers the chance of money, fame and escape from a nowhere town with no real prospects.

Turns out there’s more in Memphis than music. When Jessie’s mom sends her a box of things belonging to her dad, she finds out that he made the same trip years ago. She’s determined to find hi but has no idea that the ring her dad left her is being hunted by a sadistic killer. Nor does she realize that he will stop at nothing to get it back.

Suddenly, a simple music contest turns into a fight for survival and only a puzzling traveler called Finch has the answers Jessie needs. But will she listen? And can she trust in herself enough to change her luck and make magic happen?



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Julie is also the author of The Coaching Manual which defines the key principles and practice of personal coaching and is translated into many different languages.

Julie’s book, Brilliant Coaching targets Managers in the workplace, and distils the key principles and tools into practical, bite-sized chunks.

Her latest book, The Mentoring Manual, supports mentors to be effective in helping others grow and develop. Julie also writes novels for young adults, check out

She builds on an early career in project management and larger scale business redesign initiatives.  She provides coaching support to senior leadership of major corporations across Europe.


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