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C15/33a. Am I really Homosexual? Where do these feelings stem from?

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest David Pickup aired August 18th-24th 

Confusion, many kids at some point have an attraction for the same sex, but does that mean they are bi-sexual or homosexual?


The shame and guilt that is imposed on then shuts them down and they never really get to look at why these feelings are there. Some come from sexual abuse some from misdirection, we need to talk about it and not dismiss or shame someone because of those feelings, and we need to understand if the are real or imposed on a person. If you’re straight or gay all is ok, but if you’re confused know why? UNDERSTAND TO SET FREE.


David Pickup, is licensed in California and Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist, whose 2 private practices involve those undergoing authentic Reparative Therapy. After having great success with Reparative Therapy in his own life, he is now an experienced therapist who facilitates therapy for men that truly works to reduce or dissipate homosexual feelings and helps them experience their heterosexual potential.

Sound Psychodynamic Therapy Healing wounds and unmet needs……Resolving causes of homosexuality

Gender Identity Inferiority, especially during a young child’s gender/sexuality developmental years, can be a traumatic experience that is reinforced with Shame-Based Self-Beliefs for many years. For the pre-homosexual boy, and for adult men, bullying and repetitive shaming of gender identity from primary male relationships, frequently imbed this soul-wrenching Shame into the mind of the struggler. The client experiences emotional wounds, (often repressed), that prevent the journey from boyhood into manhood from being fully realized. Maleness becomes an object to the struggler instead of something wonderful that is subjectively experienced. The result?…In puberty, when sexual hormones “kick in,” masculinity is objectified and sexualized.

The men that come to Reparative Therapy in the world today come because they believe in their hearts that Homosexuality, for them, is truly not inborn. They can feel it. But they often don’t know that change is possible, or what to do about it. I invite you to take a look at both sides of the issue, and make up your mind for yourself. The first rule of good scientific evidence for any issue is to be open to consideration of ALL the evidence. What do you think?

Homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable? Homosexuality is not inborn and can be changed?

I encourage you to read everything you can about both sides. I have to be honest here. I don’t think you’ll find many Gay individuals or Gay affirmative therapists tell you to consider both sides. This is interesting because even the American Psychological Association states that there is no Gay gene. They also state that evidently, homosexuality could be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental influences. 

I encourage you toward find what fits for you. 




Reparative Therapy helps a client resolve these wounds, which can result in the spontaneous lessening and/or dissipation of homosexual feelings. The wounds are replaced by confident subjective feelings of their own masculinity and self-esteem. Attractions for women can arise as well. Regardless, a man can move toward his authentic heterosexual self.

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