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C15/32b Your Story in the Library of Life

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Joscelyn Duffy aired from August 11th on.

Words, spoken, written, thought, felt, dictate our lives, words have meaning, not just explanations; when we feel the words we speak, write and think and we open up to an understanding that lifts and empowers our lives.

Meet Joscelyn the ghost writer who can write your story and let it fly off the page in inspiration.

For as long as she has been writing and creating, Joscelyn’s purpose has been shaped by a natural ability to identify and communicate simplicity from within the complex. Her career began as a financial educator with Fortune 500 companies, where she wrote national newsletters and lead countless training sessions, guiding others to find calm during chaos. When abrupt physical debilitation and a life-threatening case of lupus struck Joscelyn at the tender age of twenty-six, she was swept away from the career and life she was new and offered the greatest contemplation time of her life. While healing and growing through illness, she discovered the truths of a reshaped life path and the ultimate purpose of her being.

Her passions always laid within writing, speaking and helping others; there simply had been a voice telling her that it was meant to be for more than financial education. That little voice was right, and facing adversity first-hand provided Joscelyn with the opportunity to test every belief she had about how we each can find calm, clarity and confidence, even in the heart of chaos. What she lived is what she shares with others today, as a writer, ghostwriter and motivational speaker. Acting as a mirror, she helps others reveal their authentic voice, strength and wisdom, and fearlessly express it to the world. Her ghostwriting clients include some of the world’s top motivational speakers, a former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and an international men’s health figure. And her gentle demeanour, practical guidance and powerful perspectives leave clients and audiences feeling more assured and hopeful as they journey through life.



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“With every season of our lives, we create the whole of our journey. We are not our story alone, but rather the composite of what we’ve discovered within ourselves through this lifetime. Our experiences shape the pathway to unveiling our authentic self and the truths we are intended to discover and share.

“Every day, we are surrounded by story. Our hearts are touched by inspiring tales, and our minds perplexed by extraordinary experiences. In as much as we spend our time hearing stories shared by others when was the last time you sat to wholeheartedly share one of your own? We’re talking your raw, vulnerable, “been there and truly lived that” truth.

“You are the only one who has lived your unique life journey.”

To find out more about Joscelyn’s personal healing journey and her discovery of personal purpose, you can pick up her first book, Unshakable To The Core, CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY


To find out more about Joscelyn’s personal healing journey and her discovery of personal purpose, you can pick up her first book, Unshakable To The Core, at

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