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C15/29a Cyber Money Security, Bitcoins, and other Political News to make us Aware.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Liz Peek aired July 21st-27th

Politics, Internet security, Cyber money, Jobs, Emigration, Globalization and so much more. The world needs to change and they only way we are going to do it, is to be a part of the solution and not abstaining from our interactive responsibility. 


Liz Peek a Fox News and Fiscal Times columnist, shares her view on the state on the world and its global cultural and political issues. I do not normally do political shows, but Liz in with her positive attitude, shows us why we are in this state and what we the people can start doing to change the tide.

From Donald to Greece, to internet security and the security of our money, we cover so much on the real issues our our global situation.

At a time when “cyber security” has become an oxymoron, why is our government joining with Wall Street to green-light Bitcoin?

Says Liz Peek, is a columnist for and The Fiscal

“The virtual currency, rocked by serial scandals and failures since its invention in 2008, has taken on new life as financial officials roll out regulations to govern the cyber cash and banks invest in its future.

By requiring bitcoin exchanges to register and granting them legal status, the government is signaling to users and backers what may prove an unrealistic promise of transparency and security. These are the same financial officials, after all, who have struggled historically to oversee savings and loans — shifting to virtual currencies is like jumping from Beatrix Potter to James Joyce in one semester. At the least, regulators need to affix flashing red warning lights to every Bitcoin undertaking: consumers beware.

In 2013, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a branch of the Treasury Department, ruled that virtual currencies must register with the US government and adopt steps to combat money laundering. Soon, the New York State Department of Financial Services will issue a broad Bitcoin regulatory framework. Meanwhile, the department has granted a trust company charter to itBit, a first.

ItBit, an exchange located in New York and Singapore, played its hand well. The company earlier this year raised $25 million from venture groups and also added some high-profile financial types to its board, including former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair and former Senator Bill Bradley. Both the financing and pumped-up board are doubtless comforting to the deep-pocket investors itBit targets.”



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Liz Peek spent over 20 years on Wall Street, most of them as a top-ranked research analyst. After managing her firm’s entrance into international research and foray into the market for U.S. equities in Japan, she became Wertheim & Company’s, first female partner.

Liz Peek was one of the first women on Wall Street to earn that most hallowed of titles –Partner. After graduating with an Honors Degree in Economics and as a Durant Scholar from Wellesley College, she joined a research boutique on Wall Street where she developed an improbable expertise in backhoes, mining equipment, oilfield wireline services and drilling fluids. She became a CFA and in 1975 she moved to Wertheim & Company, a leading equities house which subsequently was bought by Schroder, Inc. and then by Citigroup. During almost two decades with the firm, Liz became a top-ranked analyst covering oilfield services companies, co-head of investment research and head of the firm’s international research department. As a partner she was seconded to Schroder to assist that company’s entry into the equities business at the time of London’s “Big Bang”, and then assigned to build Wertheim’s equities business in Tokyo.

Liz was the first woman to head the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, a national organisation of several hundred energy investors, and was a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Oil and Gas Journal, Wall Street Transcript and other industry periodicals. She was a guest on Wall Street Week and other financial programs.

In recent years Liz has been a columnist for The Fiscal Times and For several years she was the business columnist for The New York Sun; she has also written for The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool and published a weekly column on Women on the Web (wowOwow.) She has also contributed articles to Trends, a business periodical in the Middle East, Avenue and The New York Observer. She is a regular guest on FoxNews.comLive and has appeared on other TV programs including Larry Kudlow and Fox and Friends. She has been twice nominated for a Loeb Award.

In the not-for-profit worl, she chairs the Couture Council, dedicated to supporting the Museum at FIT, is Vice Chairman of the Board of Fashion Institute of Technology, a SUNY college of some 10,000 students, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Central Park Conservancy Women’s Committee. She is married to Jeffrey Peek and has three children.

TWITTER: @lizpeek

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