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C15/28a Between Life Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tammy J Carpenter airing from July 14th on. 

Tammy Carpenter, Hypnotherapist & Author. Sometimes our deepest past interferes with living in the present, by looking back into our past lives we can see what or who is stopping us from embracing this life today. Maybe that is not your weight your carrying, maybe those thoughts belong to someone else, take the journey and let Tammy unravel your past.


Tammy J Carpenter (M.A., BLSR) is an intuitive author, teacher and NATH hypnotherapist. She did a psychology class presentation on Past Life Regression when she was going to college to become a teacher. Several fellow students received a Past Life Regression and she was hooked. After teaching art for 20 years, she went to the renowned Edgar Kaycee School and became NATH hypnotherapist certified in Past Life Regression. She then attended the Ravenheart Center and became certified in Life Between Life Spiritual Regression. She helps many clients to get to know that life is eternal and that they have an amazing history as a soul. Many are able to release emotional, mental and physical baggage that’s been holding them back from fulfilling their soul purpose in this life.

Tammy has helped the FBI find persons who have been murdered and helps their souls release from the pain and trauma giving their families closure.

After the death of eight close knit relatives in a two year period, she became clairaudient and began doing automatic writing with the help of her personal guide, Ezekiel. She is the author of Channeling Ezekiel: A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance, Channeling Ezekiel Companion Workbook and Doodling Your Way to Enlightenment. She is a contributing author in 365 Days of Angel Prayers. She also teaches spiritual classes and has four Channeling Ezekiel Meditation CD’s available.


90 Days to a Better Body Program

Are you constantly on a diet? What if your better body didn’t come from outside you but something inside you? By addressing all the facets of health in addition to eating- physical, mental and spiritual- We help people become healthier and happier in all areas of their lives. We have many tools in our toolbox for wellness including: Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, NLP, and Intuitive Coaching. It’s like having your own personal wellness coach on hand when you need support most.

Why choose a BLSR? It could help with the following:
1. Fear of Death-Soul Continuity
2. Purpose of current incarnation
3. Non-linear benefit
4. Emotional symptom-Physical symptom
5. Relationships
6. Agreements with Loved Ones
7. Past Soul Mate and other soul relationships
8. Carrying pain from one or more Past Lives
9. Spiritual perspective and Re-experiencing the Spiritual Realm
​10. Life patterns/themes: Why am I here?


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