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C15/25b The Conscious Goddess Invite

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tammra Broughton aired June 23rd

                 “Transformation 2015” 


The Conscious Goddess Festival is a 3 Day Festival of Conscious, Heart-Centred Speakers, Workshops, Vendors, Performers & Artists, Shamans & Yogis that are coming to-gather for ONE purpose: To Unite and Celebrate the Rising of The CONSCIOUS Feminine Frequency & Inner-G! 

To-gather, We Can Re-member Her! 


Tammra Broughton is a professional DJ, a Talk Radio Show Host, a Trainer and Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP.

Tammra is committed to co-creating a Way for people to get to their next best version of themselves, while continually learning from others to deepen her skill set. Tammra is very curious about the human condition and how it connects with All and One. Tammra is excited and passionate about every facet of Life … food, music, fitness, sports, playing, personal development and spirituality … She truly knows that anyone and everyone can create an optimally abundant life by simply living authentically in Gratitude and Grace. Tammra feels it all starts with Honesty and being ok with Humility.


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