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C15/24b Think It. Feel It. Have It.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  Allan Hendrickson aired from June 16th on.

                                       Decoding the Law of Attraction Course Reveals How To Access Your Ability to Create Anything You Desire in Life With Certainty!

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Allan Hendrickson is an author and spiritual teacher based in Oklahoma City. He is the Author of Think it, Feel it, Have it! The Keys to Creation. He has led or co-led more than a hundred seminars on the subjects of the Law of Attraction, meditation, communication, and the power of your spoken word, across the country. Today, he is going to share with us one of his favorite subjects to teach, the Law of Attraction. Whether you are or have been actively applying the Law of Attraction in your life or are just now hearing of this most powerful Law of the Universe, Allan teaches complete, conceptual knowledge and understanding of how to apply the Law of Attraction such that you can create anything you want to BE, DO, or HAVE in your life.



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Think it, Feel it, Have it! The Keys to Creation by Allan Hendrickson


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