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C15/23b Outsourcing Your Business

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dina Eisenberg JD, aired from June 9th on. 

Outsourcing: How to Get Everything You Want Done Now! I help busy entrepreneurs get more done effortlessly.

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You want to help to get more done, but just don’t feel comfortable with delegation? Many self-employed folks feel that way. Discover what makes delegation so hard, the questions you need to ask first and how to start your new working relationship off on the right foot with Dina Eisenberg JD, Outsourcing Mentor and Small Business Mediator.   Stop feeling anxious and start enjoying a more productive work life by outsourcing.

 Dina Eisenberg, JD, is an Outsourcing & Automation strategist and author of Fiverr: The Essential Buying Guide. Dina discovered outsourcing enabled her to accomplish more while and still enjoy the energy to try new things –all without breaking the bank. Now, after outsourcing since 2010 & over 100 successful transactions on sites like online outsourcing sites like Elance, Fiverr and Guru, Dina shares her system and programs for leveraging your time & saving money with authors, speakers, podcasters and self-employed folks.

We share Dina’s journey that led her to understanding the need in order to build a successful business you need to outsource.


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The Book  Fiverr: The Essential Buying Guide

To join Dina’s Rolodex do go here, she has all the resources you need.

T: 415 741-1822

More on Sara hosts/meet-sara-troy/

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