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C 18-09“The holistic intuitive approach to navigating your life’s legal issues.”

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Duane  Light, on air from February 27th

Duane Light, JD  Holistic Attorney and Counselor at Law

Duane Light is a pioneer in the field of law, bridging spiritual principles, deep emotional clearing work, and the practicalities of law, to help guide his clients in navigating their issues with calm, clarity, strength and compassion.

Most of us will face difficult legal issues in our lives.  For most people, challenging legal issues are stressful, confusing, conflict-oriented, expensive and sometimes traumatic. Duane has developed effective resources to help people navigate their issues with courage and empathy.

In this interview, Duane will discuss the elements of his primary free resource: 5 Essential Skills to Resolve Any Legal Issue, a Guidebook that he believes should be in the hands of anyone who wishes to take a spiritual and at the same time empowered approach to their life.




Duane has been a licensed California attorney for 24 years and has practised in most civil law areas, including Wills and Trusts, Family issues, Injury/Insurance, Debt, Real Estate, Nonprofits, and Small Business.

He is also a certified Integrative Restoration (iRest) Teacher and Practitioner. iRest has been successfully used to help people successfully move through trauma, including soldiers returning from combat suffering from PTSD. Based in both spiritual and psychological understandings, iRest helps clients clear trauma without having to delve into mental story-telling and re-creation of the trauma so they can function again in their lives in a peaceful and effective way.

Duane lived in Asia for five years, and extensively studied and practised in a wide variety of spiritual disciplines, including esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Native American and modern western modalities. With this background, he works with his client’s spiritual path, showing them how to live their highest values, even in the midst of legal trauma.

Duane’s clients love his calm demeanour, confidence and sense of humour as he guides them to a more heartful and powerful way of BEing in resolving their legal challenges.

Also, Duane plays the Flute bringing calmness to any situation.


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