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C 18-03 “Heart of My Heart” Series a novel by Gloria Hass

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Gloria Hass, on-air from January 16th

“Heart of My Heart Series – Book One – Rose’s Debut is a book about one family and how their lives affect each other as well as those around them. The Fishers have a “secret” they don’t want to be made known because it would endanger their family as well as the entire world. They will keep their “secret” at all costs even if it means avoiding being with people they dearly love. James and Margaret Fisher longed to have children. Their first child was stillborn then a while later, Rose made her debut. James and Margaret raise their daughter with this secret but will nosy people, from the past and the present, endanger what James’ family have put together?”

This novel comes from the heart of Gloria and can be found here.




Gloria Hass is a bestselling author, she has recently closed her business and life consulting business to concentrate on another passion of hers – professional speaking as a mental health expert on Dissociative Identity Disorder. Ms. Hass has been a professional speaker for 25 years. She has spoken on topics of evangelism, computer software and now educating people about multiple personality disorder and mental illness in the workplace to help lower the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Gloria has over 39 years of personal counselling and therapy experience to reference from.

Dog Apparel Handmade by Gloria Hass. I have opened with only one product – crocheted dog cape.

For my other show with Gloria GO HERE 

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