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C 17-39a Ascension and the Continuity of Life with Christina Hill

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Christina Hill with Athella, on air from September 26th

The accession of dying, as there is so much death in the world right now, we need to know that our divine energy has a chance to come back and live again that dying is not the end.

You are here and now! You are here and you are AWARENESS! Awareness, energy, consciousness are your true self- the I AM.

Knowing this truth, living this truth creates an awake-ness. It creates and attracts serenity in your world. Keeping this Light and rooting your felt-ness or oneness with divine awareness means that every second of your Life can be peaceful-

Including when you exit your body to lift off and upwards into the non-physical!

Transitioning from your physical body vehicle into pure Source energy is a natural process and is built by Nature to set you up for the journey. While there are certain strategies that can help you lift off smoothly and with grace, let us first re-condition and re-educate our mind-bodies that transition is normal, fun, and like a great adventure!

Affirmations are a great way to affirm, calm, and train the mind-body-spirit that all is well at the time of transition, that we are accompanied and in fact surrounded by Light Beings, and that this new frontier IS pure Love- not separate from who we truly are. A few examples of these affirmations could be:

-I am energy and energy is eternal and indestructible

-I am a Light Being and my true essence is eternal Life

-My transition to the non-physical is divinely guided and I trust in Source as I leave my shell behind

-I see the transition experience as a lift off, just like a rocket blasting off into the sky- wooooohoooo!!!!

-I like the idea of going into my non-physical Light Being!

-Like a child in a bouncy house, I understand that leaving my body will be boisterous/bouncy fun, a time for exploration!

-I now release any false beliefs, imagery, and old thought patterns about transition and embrace a positive, loving, and healthy image about lift off!

Create several perfectly tailored affirmations that your mind-body are in alignment with, then read them, speak them aloud, let them flood your consciousness all through your day!



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