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C 17-38b The Management of our Conscious Energies

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest MICHAEL BIANCO-SPLANN, ON AIR SEPTEMBER 19TH

Conscious Energy Management: How to be productive


In many ways, we are “energy managers.” As human beings, we are electrically wired as very specialized and unique electromagnetic, super-conducting, holistic spiritual entities. In simpler terms, we exist as energized human beings.


Consider for a moment that the magnetic strength of our being is predicated on the intensity and level of presence we are engaging in at any particular moment in time. Therefore, choosing to be present in our thoughts and intentions creates a flow of energy very different than the level exhibited when operating on autopilot. Conscious leadership requires having the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but most importantly, the quality of being present.

When you elevate the energetic flow that enlivens and invites others to join, the ripple effect includes expressions of love, compassion, and understanding. This, in turn, leads to feelings of happiness, both in others and in ourselves. We can engage those we serve to better realize their unique powerful selves, thus energetically elevating them.



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Like you, conscious leadership expert, visionary author, inspirational speaker, and Transformational Life Coach, Michael Bianco-Splann has witnessed an evolving world demanding new and innovative strategies. Exponential change requires waking up to a new you and illuminating your ambitions. Are you the conscious leader and visionary necessary to navigate the ever-changing world? Do you possess the courage to bring your authentic self into the boardroom and the bedroom? Are you living true to the real you? Do your employees feel your passion? Are you operating from a position of love, compassion and understanding? Do you realize that integrity and ethics can prosper in the same room as profits and shareholder value? Are you happy?

With over three decades of executive coaching, training and performance consulting from across several industries, Michael appreciates and shares with his listeners and clients an impassioned and experiential expertise that energizes and infuses groundbreaking results.

Sometimes referred to as the “Energy Manager” for his electric and powerful style, Michael brings a unique and engaging quality to his coaching, always centered on harnessing the very best in his clients. Michael is known for fusing his real-life stories with his conversational techniques to connect with his audience at an intimate, provocative and individual level. He embodies and instructs the power of humanness and genuine authenticity into the leadership vernacular. Michael’s exceptional presentation skills make his dynamic messages the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining keynote addresses, closes, seminars, lunches and meetings. Your plan becomes his plan, for he is dedicated to bringing out the very best in people and organizations.

Michael has frontline executive leadership experience from across several industries, with the past eighteen years working within the Financial Services industry leading Retail Banking. A master certified corporate trainer and performance consultant; Michael has been an architect in building high-performance sales and service organizations with outstanding results. His book, entitled, Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles that WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life, is the culmination of leadership experience offered as a wake-up call for leaders and organizations ready to gain consciousness.

Among Michael’s board positions are United Way of Pierce County, Pierce Center for Arts and Technology, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, Tucson Children’s Museum, Southern Arizona Not-for-Profit Loan Fund, and Albany ProMusica. Additionally, he was invited to Chair the Board for the Imagine Greater Tucson project team. Michael also served as a member of the Casas Adobes Rotary.

If outstanding, superlative, differentiated, dynamic and remarkable are attributes you are looking for to power your organization or to improve your leadership impact, Michael is your answer. If consciousness, understanding, compassion and love are human qualities you seek, let Michael be your coach and guide. The choice is yours to make.  


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