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C 17-36b Dr Holly Fourchalk on Your Whole Health Wellness

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Holly Fourchalk, on air from September 12th

Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Ph.D., DNM®, RHT, HT, AAP.

Holly and I will be looking to the Whole of us and why we need to see our selves from the inside out in health. With such knowledge form Holly addressing our mind and body health, she knows the need to place importance on our whole health wellness system for it to work cohesively for us.

With PhDs in Psychology (not registered with the College of Psychologists) and in Nutrition; Dr of Natural Medicine; another MA in Herbal Medicine; Advanced Ayurvedic Physician; Homeopathy; Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & various energetic healing modalities (from Rieke to Theta) and a variety of other healing modalities, Dr Holly covers the spectrum of holistic health.

She was born with a genetic disorder that prevents her from metabolizing food in the same way the rest of us do, consequently, she has a passion for research and understanding how the body functions from the energetics to the psychological to the physiological right down to cellular functioning.

She runs a Mobile Health Clinic, aptly named Choices Unlimited for Health & Wellness Ltd.  It moves from Hope to Horseshoe Bay; from Oliver to Vernon; and around the world.




In addition to being a Health Practitioner and a scientist, Dr Holly is also an author (over 20 books so far) and a professional international speaker.

More shows to go to choose-positive-living



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