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C 17-26a Say-Yes-Be live life in FLOVE with Barbara Chabior

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Barbara Chabior, on air from June 27th


Can we find the connection in our life experiences between body and mind by how present we are in the moment; how deeply we are listening and participating; how much critical self-reflection we engage in, to be able to bring as much awareness as possible to the depth, the complexity and the intricacy of what is going on? How deep, metaphorically and multi-dimensionally speaking, can you be in the present moment, to get the most out of that moment?


Barbara Chabior invites you to ‘Say Yes’ to every experience. Her holistic coaching methods combine ancient Eastern traditions of wisdom and contemporary Western therapeutic techniques. Above all, Barbara’s work is informed by profound compassion and her conviction that every person should be treated as a unique individual. She enables others to ‘Say Yes’, encouraging them to stay with disturbing thoughts and physical sensations before embarking on inspiring journeys of change. Her one-to-one sessions are tailor-made to aid your personal development and spiritual growth.

Barbara’s person-centred approaches combine the power of Holistic Voice Therapy and mindfulness practices with elements of kinetic, acoustic, visual and imaginative play. Barbara spiritual skills include clearing at the DNA cellular level and facilitating the birth of The Highest Expression of Self-enabling one to make Guided, Powerful and Compatible Life Choices in creating Perfect Formula for Success on the Inside and Outside. Each session unfolds gently and with kindness, encouraging you to discover your true Self, free from the mind’s unhelpful chatter and ingrained patterns of self-limiting beliefs.                                                                                                                                      

 Barbara Chabior moved from Poland to London in 2002 in search of fresh creative ideas and the inspiration necessary to realise her vision of international Say Yes Spa-ce, Holistic Playgrounds® where people’s psyche and soma can flow in consonant harmony with their environment. She was immersed in the natural world during her childhood in a small village in the mountains of southern Poland and realised later how vital the expression of play, interaction with our surroundings and the freedom of intrapsychic dynamics are to our being in the world. This breakthrough came while she was working in the British social care system and discovered the constant flow that exists in states of meaning and meaninglessness, of positive and negative, of passion and neutrality.

Barbara is currently developing her Yescience© paradigm, an integral model of expressive arts therapy based on elements of epigenetics, psychodynamics and quantum physics. She intends to create City in Novations®, a radical complement to the existing structures of social and health care, education and welfare guided by her idea of Flove© and open to awareness of new ways of cultivating the unbiased perception of others, events and environments. The work starts from a transformation of our inner selves, infatuations and resistances into a state of wholeness, neutral and in balance.



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Barbara attended many training and workshop sessions. Her studies have introduced her to everything from Process Work Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming to Sesame Institute Drama and Movement Therapy. She obtained a Master’s degree in Psychodynamic and Systemic Thinking and Psychology of the Group at the Tavistock Institute in 2011 and qualified two years later as a Holistic Voice Therapist under the aegis of the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST).

“My main goal is to grow and contribute toward the growth of others by sharing what I have learned. This is all part of a process, of my lifetime’s work. My life’s purpose is living in non-resistance. I’ve brought together so much knowledge into one piece, which I call Flove. We always resonate at some frequency, with shame, guilt, pride, aspiration, inspiration. Once you allow these conditions to flow together with love, and find the balance between negative and positive resonances, everything flows. Like a film director, you work with each character and embrace every trait that appears on the scene. I needed to embrace my emotionality. I learned to own, live, love and express the traits of hurting myself, and how to let them go. I really invested in loving those traits of avoidance and denial, neglecting myself, and so on. It’s not about this cheesy word ‘love’; rather, it’s about cultivating the ability to engage unconditionally with all the frequencies of loving and loathing without negativity, resentment or infatuation around these. I can say openly that I love not having a clue about things that don’t matter to me; I love being vulnerable and embracing all my traits…”.

“My identity as I experience it today is closely linked to my philosophy of no identity, of being able to let go of attachment to any fixed view of who ‘I’ am. That process of owning and then letting go of myself has been very empowering for me…”

Specialized in:

Image Consultancy, Personal Styling, Colour Analysis, Photography

Holistic Voice Therapy

Drama and Movement Facilitation

Personalised Care and Therapy

Corporate Consultancy 

NLP Life Coaching

Registered with:

Colour Me Beautiful, BAST, BRCP, ICNM, CAM, IBPDA, HCPC

Masters in Working with Groups: Psychoanalytic and Systemic Theories

Registered member of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Certified Sesame Practitioner


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