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C 17-14b The New Humanity Movement with Rennie Davis

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Rennie Davis, on air from April 4th

The New Humanity

With Donald J. Trump the President of the United States, fear and divide is enveloping the country like the new normal that follows a great seismic shift. Watching the news, you can see for yourself. One segment of America seems gleefully empowered while another feels the urgent imperative to push back hard. Those who perceive the greatest threat to the American union since the civil war are dumbfounded by those who celebrate the head spinning election of Donald J. Trump. While America energetically is no longer a country anymore, the largest movement to change the world in history has ignited as well.



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Today’s movement is larger than the Renaissance, the American Revolution and the Sixties combined.

What is the vision of today’s emerging movement? Our generation is pregnant with a great human transformation. The forces of darkness will not win the day. A movement to change the world is the story of our time—and it is our time to rise to the occasion and write a new human story.

This site supports the three components of today’s emerging movement:

  1. Resist and Reform Movement

  2. Political Revolution Movement

  3. The New Humanity Movement

We have different approaches to changing the world but respecting our differences and supporting each other, a future time will remember the present time as humanity’s greatest generation.

The Foundation for Humanity is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 providing resources and training for humanity’s greatest adventure. These training resources are available now:

I was an activist in the 1960s movement. I partnered with John Lennon to end the Vietnam War. I was also the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition of that era and one of the Chicago 7, described by the NY Times as “the most significant political trial in U.S. history.” In 1971, I coordinated the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history.

These days, I am working with an amazing team of young activists who are bringing their passion, training skills and organizing experience to support a new generation to change the world today.

At this site, you can join humanity’s greatest adventure. You can support the movement that is writing a new human story. We need everyone who wants to stand up for humanity on deck now. As Donald J. Trump becomes a wrecking ball on the fabric of society, many of us are also noticing our oceans are dying, civilization is unsustainable and humanity has come to a crossroads. I sincerely hope you will get involved and I welcome your thoughts and suggestions for inspiring a movement that can change the world today.

Rennie’s Photo Album

1969–Chicago 7 (with lawyers)                            

1971– Civil Disobedience Rally With Abbie Hoffman  


Rennie’s Interview     

Following 1968 Chicago Police Riot                              1968 Pig Candidate Running for President


For The Greatest Sixties Stories Ever–by Rennie Davis–visit 

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About Us

Rennie Davis: In the 1960s, he was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the United States. He was one of the Chicago 7 and remains a recognized spokesman for his generation, featured on numerous network television documentaries and media forums, from the Legends series produced by CBS to Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, VH1, CNN and other network programs. His leadership in the socially responsible investment industry has been profiled in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor. He began his own quiet revolution at the bottom of the Grand Canyon where he lived for years. He has facilitated New Humanity trainings with Kirsten Liegmann for years as well. He is currently chairman of the Foundation for Humanity.

Kirsten Liegmann: She was the co-owner and organizer of her own successful manufacturing company where she served as President and CEO of Soma Ergonomics. She has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a major in marketing and minor in environmental studies. She received her masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Management. She has served as Director of Operations for Gaia University, an international university dedicated to the advancement of ecological and social projects worldwide, where she created and implemented system designs for every quadrant of the operation including accounting, finance, business development, regional center development, data base design and student advisory services. She has extensive experience coaching conscious business entrepreneurs and facilitating people on their journey to evolve. She is currently President of the Foundation for Humanity.

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