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C 17-12a Dissociative Identity Disorder with Gloria Hass

 Choose Positive living with Sara Troy and her guest Gloria Hass, on air from March 21st


Gloria Hass is a bestselling author, she has recently closed her business and life consulting business to concentrate on another passion of hers – professional speaking as a mental health expert on Dissociative Identity Disorder. Ms. Hass has been a professional speaker for 25 years. She has spoken on topics of evangelism, computer software and now educating people about multiple personality disorder and mental illness in the workplace to help lower the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Gloria has over 39 years of personal counseling and therapy experience to reference from.



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Also, during the past 30 years, Gloria worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate Coordinator At YCAP in McMinnville, Oregon (where she set up this program from scratch), a solutionist, mentor/coach as well as giving presentations and seminars. When she worked in a corporate environment, she streamlined work to make more money for the company and less work for the workers, she also streamlined departments so redundancy and theft were eliminated. Gloria has helped small businesses grow.

Gloria Hass spent many years living in a confused world of abuse, trauma, and terror which caused her brain to fracture into 38 alternate personalities. Gloria spent years in counseling, therapy, reading self-help books and taking courses. While she grew and healed to a point, Gloria wasn’t mentally capable of going any further in her life until she found the proper help. After five months of intense psychotherapy, she was able to integrate 13 of the 38 alternate personalities. After another six months, Gloria combined/integrated the other 25 alternate personalities. Gloria is now living with a unified brain and realized she has the personal experience, knowledge, and understanding of how to help people who have mental health issues to live a more successful life. She knows the importance of extreme healing and transformation of the mind in order for someone with a mental illness or disorder to gain empowerment and control of their life.

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