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C 17-002b Womanars the Inspiration for Women

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tilde Guajardo, on air from January 10th 


Tilde Guajardo is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Womanars, an organization to empower and equip women to live the life of their dreams.

Her passion is to inspire and educate women and girls throughout the world, and she believes the future belongs to those of us who are true collaborators in business and in life.

Since her late 20’s Tilde has been a voice, advocate and leader for women through teaching, speaking, mentoring, and organizing events and fundraisers to help bring awareness to critical issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and breast cancer.

Her background includes a diverse array of leadership roles working with a variety of cultures in the military including training in the area of counterintelligence and counterterrorism, and as an employee in the airline industry. She is a featured author in the book entitled “The Difference Makers – Volume II”, where she tells her personal story and is currently working on her second book, “Removing the Masks.”

As an international public speaker, Tilde delivers messages of inspiration, hope and the importance of relationship building through personal authenticity. She addresses audiences at all levels, inviting women to take a leap of faith and action steps towards transformation, breaking through limiting beliefs and living out the life of their dreams.

She is the Lead Organizer and Official Licensee for theTEDxTurtleCreekWomen event in Dallas, Texas in 2013, 2015 & 2016. Tilde enjoys organizing these events to bring outstanding speakers to the TEDx stage that change the world with words. TEDx events are independently organized.,



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