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Bureaucracy, we cannot do it your way.

Bureaucracy is binding and restrictive where is the innovation the D.I.V.A-ntion?

We need D.I.V.A’S who dare to Dream, are Inspired by their Vision and Aspire to make their D.I.V.A come true. 

We cannot do this the conventional way, we have tried and it is just not working for us. The world has become so constructed that their seams to be no room for inspiration or innovations.

By the book, some one out there started a procedure that now every one else must follow. The procedure does not allow for independent thought or creative ideas. You can be inspirational as long as you follow procedure and do not step out of the box.

There is no daring-any more, no let’s do it and see what happens, and no it feels right lets take a chance. We have all become too tentative, so cautionary and so timid, that unless if fits in to the procedure and conforms to the requirements it is not acknowledged.

How many brilliant ideas are we loosing each day due to conformity? How many earth-curing possibilities have been lost because the idea did not fit in to the norm. How much more could we have advanced in technologies and medicinal cures if belief came first not rules and regulations or greed.

Every great leader, every great innovator, and every dreamer has been told, you can’t do that. Thank God for the ones who ignored them and despite the barriers, the obstacles and the negatives in their way, they over came to give us their dream.

Thomas Edison, the light bulb,

Nikolai Tesla Telegraph (wireless)

Guglielmo Marconi (first Morse code signals over

The Write brothers, flight.

Steve Jobs/ Bill Gates useable daily computers.

Alessandro Volta – Inventor of the Electric Battery.

Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of the Telephone.

Guglielmo Marchese Marconi “Tuned Syntonic Telegraphy”. This invention introduced tuned circuits to wireless for the first time.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel – Inventor of Dynamite.

Samuel Morse – Inventor of the Morse Code.

Louis Pasteur solved the mysteries of rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm diseases, and contributed to the development of the first vaccines.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz devised a transmitting oscillator, from which electric waves were made to radiate.

Television= John Logie Baird

Internet = J C R Licklider

Transistor =William B. Shockley

and now Bill Mackie The N-GEN (scale-able electric motor) and the Living Fractals concept.  cyclzone/ and

So many more, so many that has made a difference to our every day life.

I look at kids today and people in general, and they all forget that in order for them to drive a car it took Ford to mass produce them, to speak on the phone it took Alexander Bell years to over come scrutiny and disbelief. The Bell Company gave us just a call away, with cell phones that make our lives so in touch with each other.

Do we appreciate all that innovation contains? Do they understand all the years that go into developing a dream to viability? Do they understand all the doors that get slammed in their faces, the No’s all and the disbelievers? And all the money life savings that go into these developments?

I understand now, I know what it takes to bring a dream to a reality, I understand all the no’s will eventually lead to a resounding yes, I have not stopped believing although at times live in disbelief of the narrow-mindedness and the fearful that we have comes across. Also the total lack of Government support, they speak Green but do not support Green technologies. We must demand that they do.

To invent, develop, to bring to the public interest, to build it, one has to first dream it. Then it is a matter of sharing the dream, sharing its possibilities and building the possibly to a reality for all to share in.

An ideology that I so believe in, that society has been beating out of me for the last 9 years. I had lost my way. I started out with a vision so strong so true so complete and absolute that nothing would waver it, and then over the last 9 years trying to bring this to the forefront to develop this dream in to a reality that serves so many, I had lost my energy. I allowed the conventional way the rules and regulations and lack of support, to direct me to nowhere.

Now I must start again at the very beginning…. The vision the faith and the reason why I have laid it all down, borne the slaps in the face, taken yet another no and still tried to make believers out of every one, it will come as all I have to do is believe in it and share and those with vision will see whats needed.

I must take this not to the rule followers but the rule breakers. The ones that see it, the ones that know is power its need and understand that no barrier must be in its way, that no one must be in its way and that this gift, this motor that will change the lives of so many and help save the world while doing it, must at all cost BE DEVELOPED.

I am anew again, my direction is clear. We will never develop it with conformity but will deliver it with vision faith and believe-ability. We will address those that dare to dream, those that are unafraid, those that are compelled to make it happen for the good of the world for the good of mankind and for what it all stands for Giving Back in order to move forward.

Look out world here we come, the dream is alive again and on the right road… forward to victory, forwards to liberty, forwards to society and in gaining all that we gain, turn around and give it back.

May your wishes of good energy be with us and may your intentions of good will be behind us, for it is you who we are doing this for, you and the rest of the universe.

You want to be apart of this in any way you are welcome, come and be a part of future solutions and innovations and support our “Crusaders for Change” where with a radio station blog, great hosts and amazing courageous and liberating guests being interviewed weekly, we are going to build those dreams up to a reality for those who dare to dream.

By Sara Troy

Self Discovery Radio.


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