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Books on Spirituality & Divine Calling

The Universe is calling

We have had many a radio guest who in their soul and spirit are inspiring us here with their books which helps us uncover our own divineness. From meditation to out of this world, the universe is calling. Every author has been interviewed so take a listen and find their books here.


Lidia Frederico: Lidia Frederico’s book `Cathedral of Angels’ is a must-have book for anyone wishing to those expand their spiritual knowledge generally and more specifically regarding the amazing benefits of working with spiritual beings known as angels. Both for those not yet aware that they actually exists and can help you and those who are already “angel practitioners” this book as distinct from many books written about angels, will take you to a greater level of understanding and closer to the core of the angelic realm. Reading it will give you all the various tools to work with these amazing beings of light, allowing them to assist you and others in every area of your life.


Little Treasures form Heaven: This book will help you access higher levels of consciousness and unlock hidden abilities deep within you. Lidia teaches in simple steps, how to understand and work with energy, your spirit guides and angels. By practising the techniques outlined within, you will glean further understanding about the importance of spiritual protection and simple ways to safe guarding your energy from negative influences, whilst accessing higher dimensions. will help you access higher levels of consciousness and unlock hidden abilities deep within you. Lidia teaches in simple steps, how to understand and work with energy, your spirit guides and angels. By practising the techniques outlined within, you will glean further understanding about the importance of spiritual protection and simple ways to safe guarding your energy from negative influences, whilst accessing higher dimensions.

For more on her shows GO HERE


Ainsworth Forgenie. ‘The Quest For Love’ is helping many to create a new paradigm in

thinking. In a rather critical, insightful manner the author takes a look at how religion in particular, and society in general, has negatively impacted our ability to love ourselves and others.

More on Aisnworth story GO HERE


Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

More on Dr Tate GO HERE




Amy Van Atta Slater. Transform Your Life and Break Free of Limitations for Lasting Happiness. Engaging and practical, Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis, How To Move Forward In Times Of Uncertainty by Amy Van Atta Slater.

More on Amy’s story GO HERE


Anne-Mari Morrison is  founder of Empowering Within Yoga and author of “In Voice:

Recognizing Emotional Abuse, Recovering Your True Self”  shares with us her personal story of surviving emotional abuse,  monumental tragedy, and how she used the practice of Yoga to help her to feel a sense of empowerment and healing.

More on her story GO HERE


 Tim Ward “Indestructible”

The collaborative work of Shai Tubali and Tim Ward,“Indestructible You: Building a Self that Can’t be Broken” is a practical guidebook for making yourself so strong inside that life’s relentless ups and downs cannot shake you and cannot break you.

More on Tim’s story GO HERE


Jesse Ann Nichols George

Our DNA coding defines our life’s journey, Jesse delves into our many layers unravelling our life’s purpose.

Click on her books to buy and come hear more about Jesse GO HERE

Bookcover Crop
Workbook CoverImage
You Me Life Dreams Cover Full size Front Only

Brent Marchant. Movies are a reflection and our desire of a world we fear and what we hope for, what can we learn from the movies about our selves?  Can we raise our consciousness through movies? 

      Click on links to buy  Get the Picture                         and  Consciously Created


Peter Sammarco. The INNER ORACLE series.


Vol  I: Mind

Unlock your mind’s inner power and transform your life with practical words of wisdom helping you to stay calm, clear and centred


Vol  II: Body

A pragmatic approach to maintaining your body’s vitality and power at any age.


Vol  III: Soul

Discover the secrets of inner peace and the joy of loving yourself and others.



   “Our Spirits Dance”

By Susan Allison and Thomas Hickenbottom

For Soul-Mated Poets, Love Continues …Even After Death

Their Paired Poetry Offers Hope for Those Still Longing For Deep, Enduring Love.



Diana Ng:   Walking the Labyrinth:  The labyrinth is an ancient, transformative tool found in cultures all over the world dating back 4000 – 5000 years.  Its circles and spirals meander into a purposeful path of centering symbolizing wholeness and unity, change and growth.  A powerful device for reflection, discernment, and self-discovery, it enhances right brain activity.  The labyrinth reduces stress, quiets the mind, and leads to balance and insights.




 Miriam Knight. What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening is a topical and compelling collection of conscious awakening stories from more than 30 authors and filmmakers.  Each contributor describes life-changing experiences that resulted in extraordinary transformation within their own life, and realisations of an interconnected and multidimensional universe. Contributors include; Ervin Laszlo, Anita Moorjani, Bernie Siegel, MD, Gregg Braden, JD Messinger, Larry Dossey, MD and Cmdr Suzanne Giesemann.


Chris Williams: When his wife and two children were killed in a drunk-driving accident, Chris Williams made the most important decision of his life. On a cold February night in 2007, a devoted father of four and a seventeen-year-old drunk driver both received life sentences. In one violent, devastating instant, both faced a drastically different and uncertain future. But as Chris Williams sat in his demolished vehicle, staring at the car that had just caused the death of his wife, his unborn baby, his nine-year-old daughter, and his eleven-year-old son, he committed to do something extraordinary: he would forgive. That decision launched Chris on a journey toward healing that affected his family and friends, the young man who caused the accident, and an entire community a community that would face another deadly tragedy just a few days later. Chris s message of forgiveness is an empowering invitation to all who have suffered, however unjustly, to lay down their burdens and let it go.  CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY. HIS SHOW GO HERE


Leonard Goodwin: Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir

This book illuminates the overlapping nature of the physical and spiritual realms by tracing the author’s life path as child, husband, father, social researcher, professor, and spiritual seeker.  The purpose is to inspire others to recognize and follow their unique paths through these intersecting worlds so as to reach a higher level of spiritual development.

LEONARD tells his story in the form of narrative verse that provides the imagery and feeling for his travels through time:



Dr. Carl Johan Calleman: The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization

In his recent book, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, the first volume in The Paradigm Shift Trilogy, Dr. Calleman describes how deep and fundamental the consequences of the shift in the Mayan calendar has been for our world-view, a shift that is only now beginning to make itself known.



Debra Silverman: “The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition,

In The Missing Element, author Debra Silverman describes human nature in a compassionate and succinct way. Everyone longs to be understood and the author offers ways for us to get to know ourselves in depth with the wisdom of archetypes. The information in this book stands on the shoulders of our elders, who understood the four directions, the four elements, the four noble truths. Whatever pain you experience is specific to your personality type, based on the four elements.



Robert Pascuzzi:   Be prepared to go on a journey, The Ravine takes you through a moving emotional ride that guides you to a place where you are able to gracefully:

This TRUE STORY  made me  think and has opened up a dialogue of the signs that some thing is wrong and in how to forgive the unforgivable. It is fluent to read I could not put it down heart moving.

Roberts show GO HERE 


Kimberly Bruan: Kimberly’s quest to pursue a connection with the divine is awe-inspiring. As a woman seeking spiritual connection, too, I felt while I was reading that I was her friend and confidant…Kimberly heard the call of the mystic, and as all seem to do, eventually, left the solitary life to emerge as a missionary to share her love for the divine and what she knows as the power of the soul. Sarah McLean, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation.


Sonja Lewis: 1980. Coffee, Georgia. A mass killing in a church claims the lives of twelve people. Isaiah Brown, a fourteen-year-old prophet, fails to predict the massacre, in which his mother and grandfather die. After the killings, a blind and traumatized Isaiah flees the scene, disappearing into the woods. Fifteen years later, at God’s bidding, and able to see again in all senses, Isaiah returns to Coffee, to make reparation and free himself from his past. There, he finds the people of Coffee on the brink of an even worse trauma than that experienced in 1980. Can Isaiah discover what was behind the original tragedy, and why he didn’t foresee the event? Will he be able to prevent another impending tragedy? Or will he be blindsided by his love for one woman? The Blindsided Prophet explores thoughts at the deepest level and whether we have a say in shaping our thoughts, ideas and beliefs, perhaps in cooperation with God, or are we at His mercy. CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY   AND FOR THE BARRENESS



Sahra Renata aka Rev. Dr. Swan Montague is a mystic, visionary, artist, writer and poet, with an M.A in spiritual Philosophy and a Ph.D in metaphysics. She is a medical intuitive and an experienced practitioner in sacred art and healing. Swan also creates the stunning sacred wall hangings known as Temple Veils from antique eastern silks, jewels and crystals.


Rumi with a hint of Shakespeare –   Caviar for the Soul  is verse that will make you laugh, cry, groan, sigh, touch your soul, blow your mind and gently soften the heart.

Poems that span over a decade of profound experiences, deep and meaningful messages, fun, sensuality, irony and healing consciousness.

Everyone will love “Caviar for the Soul” – it adds a touch of spice to spiritual life and and illuminates greater insight into life, destiny and love




You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening: Journey To Discovering Your Soul Purpose, Joy And Abundant by Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue (Author)



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