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Books on Building a Business


We all need guidance in our businesses no matter what the business is. There is a new way of doing business, it is inspiration to be invitational and in collaboration. We now longer just sell a product but listen and hear what the people want and make it fit to their needs.

Here are some books on business tips and knowledge from our many host on building your business right.  Just click on the books to buy them and come and hear their story with us.


The art of making a sale by Dominic Kotarski.

Selling is an art form and the skill of selling is forever changing in today’s market, are your skills ready to sell in today’s climate and guide your team to success ? 

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See Jane Grow: How To Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert and Give Your Customers

the Confidence to Make a Buying Decision (See Jane Grow Series for Women Business Owners Book 1) by Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

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Learning to Dance in Life by Pamela Thompson

Wherever you are on your life journey, this book helps you find peace amidst the chaos of daily life and work. It includes proven strategies and powerful practices to support driven women to transform their lives from constantly “doing” and “giving” to healthy, balanced lives THEY design and love.

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More books by her HERE

More on her story Go Here


 Fiverr by Dina Eisenberg JD,

Outsourcing: How to Get Everything You Want Done Now!

 I help busy entrepreneurs get more done effortlessly.

More on Dina GO HERE


                                                                                                                                                                         Rocking Your Role by Jenny Garrett

This book goes beneath the surface of what it means to be the Female Breadwinner and drags women kicking and screaming out of the closet. Why? Because being the Female Breadwinner can fundamentally challenge women’s identity.

More on Jenny and her many shows GO HERE


Christina Washcko.

In my dream, I was forever young, childless and living the sunny life of the Caribbean. When I dared to make it happen I was 40, had three children and lived in The Netherlands. At this point, “Motherpreneurial-ship” happened. This book will give you a real insight into creating your dream. In my case, it was starting a coffee lounge. We are talking about sweat, tears, laughter, and missed soccer matches. This is not a how-to-book, it is more of a story. A story embedded with invaluable advice on how to start and establish your business.



Moving Abroad – one step at a time. This book, written by Rafael Dos Santos, provides advice and tips for those who have decided to move to another country to follow a dream or to reach a goal. It is brought to life by stories and experiences of people who have happily moved abroad. With excellent reviews listed on Amazon, this is a must-read book for anyone who wish to move to another country.

For more info on his show GO HERE


Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love. 

In Love Incorporated, author Jennifer Noel Taylor reveals Four Powerful Insights into successfully pursuing your true calling in life. Love Incorporated will help you connect with your innate wisdom and transform your life into an expression of your authentic heart-centered purpose.

You Heart is a powerful compass that will guide you toward your greatest joy and greatest service.

Hear her shows GO HERE 



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