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Birthing My Soul

HEART WISDOM ~By Jackie VanCampen * Los Angeles, CA

Another great article from Jackie Van Campen one of our Spiritual Awakenings Hosts. /spiritual-awakening/ If transition is a period of gestation, what will you birth?

My soul belly is pregnant with possibilities A new life A new beginning

My heart beating In perfect rhythm With the heart of my soul Like a divine symphony

Transitions from cycle of gestation Strengthening the form I’m becoming Cells become a heart A body The actualization of my essence

I tend to her with love and care The placenta of the Mother Nourishing the dream Until it drops and releases The awaited new version of myself

And there in the eyes of the new me I see hope I see possibilities I see the miracle Of an ever loving Presence I call Universal LOVE

I am the embodiment Of an universal heart wisdom And so are you


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