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BB20-27 Brian Alexander Saving the Worlds Souls

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Brian Alexander, on air from June 30th

Brians says “This is why I do what I do”Self-awareness is such an odd thing.

Sanskrit has the phrase “Neti-Neti” which means “Not this, not that”. Most of us stumble through life finding ourselves (if at all) through a process of “negation” or learning what we are not through experience. This takes a very long time and is often far more painful than it has to be.

In business, this impedes growth, synergy, and momentum. It also contributes to employee disengagement and employee turnover

Rather than stumbling, falling and failing your way to self-awareness (although there is value in that too and it is how I became obsessed with it all in the first place) there are better ways. Less painful ways.

Brian Alexander spent 7 years as a high performer in the corporate world before taking the leap and following his purpose and passion within entrepreneurship.

Since then he has built a successful business and learned valuable life and leadership lessons. Brian has also logged over 1000 hours in business coaching in the past 4 years with clients, helping them with all things life, business and leadership.

Brian has been on a relentless quest to understand why people do what they do and equally important, why people don’t do what they say they will do. One thing he realized in this search is that it is everyone’s right and obligation to the world to discover and express their own unique genius and share it with the world.

Having unlocked the code for himself and those around him, he has now made it his life’s work to share it with the world and help every man, woman and child express their own unique genius within.


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