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BB18-51 Don’t Settle for 7, Go For 10 with Shane Ram

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Shane Ram, on air from December 18th


You and I are born with ultimate potential. I never settle for less than I can achieve and I am here to help YOU do the same. Don’t Settle, Go For 10!

I help people find their Unique Abilities and Highest Calling, turn it into a profitable business or career while living an amazing personal life.

The depth of Impact you create in other people’s lives and the number of people you impact.

Have you gotten to a point where other people might think you are successful but you still feel unfulfilled or there is more? You may be at the 7 life, but we know there is more.

What is the more? We believe true fulfilment comes from:

8- The depth of Impact you create in other people’s lives and the number of people you impact.

9- Creating a brand/product/idea that lives on long after you are gone and creates generational wealth for your family – Legacy.

10 – Operating from a Higher Level of Consciousness. You are a spiritual being and imagine if you could bring this power to your business.





Go For 10 was formed after the realisation that many professionals and entrepreneurs are playing at a level way below their potential and are settling for less than they deserve.

So many are successful in their business or career and lead very good lives but they are only at Level 7. We say Don’t Settle for 7, Go For 10.

We at Go For 10 believe that everyone has something that lights them up and make them come alive and that can make a real difference in the world. We help people make a greater impact with their business and build it in such a way that it will continue to impact people for generations by building a legacy brand, product or service. We help entrepreneurs to tap into their intuition so they bring higher consciousness into their business and life.

We believe that the true happiness and fulfilment comes at the intersection of our higher calling and creating a positive impact in the world. It is possible in today’s world to turn this higher calling, purpose or unique gifts into a profitable Business.

As a matter of fact, the future of business success depends on authenticity.

We help already successful professionals and entrepreneurs take their business and personal life not just to the next level but Level 10!



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