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BB 20-36 William Lazerman the Podcasting Storyteller.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest William Lazerman, on air from September 1st.

Over the last two years, William has made it his mission to help people make the content they want to create. Through Lazerman Productions, William has helped dozens of clients with their podcasting goals. Now, he is focusing on the Art of Storytelling. Storytelling is something innate in humans, and something that is built into us so subconsciously, we sometimes don’t even know how much we know about communication. William wants to help people from all walks of life be able to tell their stories, and communicate with people better.

As a podcaster for over 10 years, William has fallen in love with podcasting and the people who create in the industry. As the current host of A Hint of Fiction, William has found a love for storytelling, strange anecdotes, and good fiction. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife and son. When he’s not podcasting, you can find him in the movie theater, on a hike in the Rockies, or playing video games. Promotion: Working on a story or just need help with storytelling in general? William is offering 30 minute free consultations. William AckerLazerman Productions Head Editor and Content Consultant

Come and hear all the wisdom that guides us towards a more meaningful life and a better world. You can find different ways to listen and see the Podcast shows here.


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