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Attracting Your Own Good Vibrations

Colleen and Sara share their knowledge on living in your own GOOD VIBRATIONS.


After a very vibrational show together Sara decided that a show and article on how to find our own vibration signature was needed. Here are some points in finding and keeping your Good Vibrations.

You will find the show to  LISTEN HERE

To own your good vibrational signature, it’s essential to understand the basics on Law of Vibration as a universal principle. The Law of Vibration is a primary law that supersedes the Law of Attraction, a prerequisite if you will for designing your life.

An easy way to interpret is to consider the function of Law of Gravity. We all understand gravity, so a simple comparative explanation is when we take into account the Law of Lift. The Law of Lift clearly supersedes the Law of Gravity in order for air-planes and helicopters to take flight. The same holds true for Vibration.

As we fine tune our vibrational set-point by Raising and Aligning our Vibration from the inside, we are more positively and divinely positioned to attract Vibrant Health, Love, Purpose, Money and Magic!

What you think and how you feel on a daily basis is THE MOST important thing. The positive energy behind your thoughts and behind your feelings influences all of your Creations. Creations that feel good, and creations that don’t feel so good. Knowing the contrast is equally important.

To make positive changes in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and improve your health to live a long, vibrant and joyful life, you must start within. Learn how to effectively reset your vibration so that you become a powerhouse and magnetic “attractor” for that which you desire.

There are LIMITLESS ways to improve how we feel, so let’s look at 3 KEY Influential factors that when you focus your mind, heart and attention on these influences each day, you will empower the divine creator inside and design your life in a way that FEELS GOOD to you and all who connect with you.

Colleen shares her perspectives on acknowledging our vibrations.

The 3 factors include:

How you Feel emotionally, How you Care for your body, and the Energetic Impact of your External Environment.

How You Feel Emotionally

When we accept that our emotions dictate our vibrations we understand in how our  vibrations work.

 Do you awake each morning with a zest for life and feeling fuelled and rested? Are you passionate or feeling depressed, stressed, anxious, and afraid?  Do you experience sadness from a loss (person, job, self-confidence, health) that has gone on for a long time?  Does your mindset need tweaking or your attitude adjusted? The recognise messages you tell yourself (self talk) are self-sabotaging, ancient and predictable stories that are no longer fuelling you to feel good.  Do you feel stuck? A physical ache in your body, your stomach, restriction in your chest?  Moving this stuck energy is the first requirement towards transformation your emotion from suppression to expression, and later into jet fuel for propelling you into a life of joy

How You Care for your Body

 What do you fuel your body with? Are you choosing primarily organic, clean, GMO-free, gluten-free foods and plant-based, earth grown like fruits and vegetables? If you eat meat and poultry, do you take care to determine how the animals were raised and fed and the care that went into their transition?  Do you eat plenty of Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory foods? Consume supplements of same nature that aid in reducing inflammation in the body and increasing circulation and blood flow and improving digestion so that your body can perform at its very best. With the soils of our crops today, it’s ideal to supplement to help in recovery, sleep, energy, assimilation of nutrients and more. Do you cleanse once a year, once a quarter? For a few days or longer?  Do you take medications? Do you know they create a toxic environment? It’s so important to switch to whole food supplements and a clean diet that can assist the body to heal while eliminating drug use as much as possible. Diabetes, for example, is a life-style disease and can be prevented and improved upon.  Do you exercise? Is it fun? How often and how long? There is something for everyone from team sports for all ages to spin classes, yoga classes; cross-fit to individual activities like running, hiking, cycling that can soothe the mind and soul while getting you motivate and fit.

Energetic Impact of your External Environment

 Who do you associate with? People who inspire, lift you and assist you to feel better about yourself? Are you attached to people that give you anything less than loving kindness?  Do you have toxic people in your life or toxic work environment? People that have been there for a very long time or a job that’s seemingly easier to stick with because you have it? Yet you don’t feel great in these situations anymore. There is a teaching that says “when you are not having fun or pleasure anymore, stop what you are doing and reevaluate.”  5 years from now your income is going to be the average of your 5 best friends. Who do you hang out with? What do you spend your time focusing on? Things that fuel your creation, lift your brain heath and wealth knowledge? Or do you focus your attention on the past rejections, disappointments and stuff that brings you down?  The objects and clothes you surround yourself with either lift you up and make you smile, or they weigh you down. They often carry energy that feels old, ancient, heavy, dark, lower vibration. Invite a friend or hire an intuitive energy healer or professional organizer with an intuitive sense, and go around your entire home and into all the nooks and closets to extract items that are neutral or no longer fuel you with zest, energy, vitality and love. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “Does this item fuel my heart with love and my mind with positive vibrations?” If not, give them away to charity, toss the old, sell if you have something substantial and donate the money, but get rid of them. This may leave big open spaces and that’s ok. You will have new space and energy in which to breathe. If meant to be filled, or replaced, new things more in alignment with your raised vibration will begin to show up.

More on how Colleen can help you find your own vibrational signature HERE


Sara’s shares her point of view on embracing our good vibrations

Our signature vibrations resonate out into the world becoming that invitation or a repellent, what is your vibration speaking to others?

Our ownership of our presence is a whopping 55% of your first impression, its not about the clothes, but in how you carry your self, in confidence or insecurity?

Our tone of voice which is 38% of that introduction, and it sets the stage for anyone in listening to you.

In the end it is only 7% of content that is heard and if your all content and not vibrating in a positive frequency then you not going to be noticed.

So let us look at how we can live in our Good Vibrations and send out those sound-waves of positive integral interactions, where we are raising everyone one up to a higher level of consciousness.

  1. No more drama in your life, when it is unavoidable switch channels in your head and do not get caught up in that negative vibration, for it has the power to bring you down, make you sick, and even destroy your life. You can do this by redirecting your thoughts else where that you know lifts you up.

2. Choose to be around uplifting people doing positive things for one another, this raises your vibe collectively and resonates out to others around you those  vibrations of positivism. Choose to look on the bright side of life, seeing all that we can be grateful for, all we have, all we are with our self judgement with out societies dictatorship.

t 3. You are what you eat… mindful of what you intake, food has its own vibrations and now every thing is good for you, there are so many chemicals in foods today that they are changing your inner chemistry. Go as healthy natural, local, organic as possible,  and when eating, eat in gratitude, harmony, and mindfully. Know that due to the lack of good nutrition in the world today, you will have to subsidise your foods with nutrients. To know more from the experts on nutrition, foods, and organic health go to  Wise Health

4. Dressing in colour can set your stage in life, each colour has its own vibration, and depending on the response you want from everyone, using colour to set your frequency tone is setting the stage in how people will receive you. Use colour to raise your vibration, use colour as an invitation.          ( Colour and its meanings HERE )

5. Space is key to in allowing that vibe energy to flow, Feng Sui, everything has a reason for being where it is meant to be, unclutter your life, for that allows for fluidity in and around you and gives you a space of calmness and harmony.

6. Silence is a must in life, for that is where the divine speaks to you, if you’re always living in noise then you are missing much needed information to those questions unasked and asked,. Silence is a place of peace, a place where the energy can flow  through you and lift you up, giving you your wings of peaceful freedom.

7. Be still, just because you are raising a vibration does not mean you have to be active, any form of meditation can still your mind to open you up to that vibrational wisdom. Maybe a peaceful walk, of a swim (water is a wonderful conduit for divine energy) dreaming is a wonderful place to let yourself float away, do bounds no boundaries.

8. How you speak to you, is key in what you will achieve, negative talk is unproductive and changes your frequency, you will get back what you put out, so keep it in the upper vibration level as much as you can to raise your opinion of your life and self. We are what we speak so speak lovingly towards your self and look positively to the beauty in life.

9. From the company you keep, to the clothes you wear, your attitude and gratitude in life, will show the world who you are and how you want to interact with people and life its self. Own you and your    vibration, be honest with you, be embracing of you, be loving to you and let your inner self shine through.

10. The most important thing of all is the feel good about our self vibe, that love of self and your meaningful vibration loving purpose on this divine planet which counts the most, for that is your divine calling it is the reason for being wonderful vibrational you.

In conclusion, step away from the head and trust your gut, go with the flow and let go     this is how you will become a GOOD VIBRATION.

For more teachings on living in your good vibrations from Sara Troy go to Discover your D.I.V.A


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