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An Invitation to live in belief

We see and hear a lot of people choosing to bash instead of inform, we see animal cruelty, hear mouthy politicians, see kids abusers, wife beaters, thieves, egomaniacs, but in the end showing restraint and looking towards the positive solution is what we need. We need people who unite not divide, people who teach not dam, and people who will only accept peace and not entertain hate. Is this hard? Yes sometimes it is, but in the end we are the solution to what ails this planet and all of us on it; so we need to come together in respect, willing to inspire others into action, to see what CAN BE DONE and with a willingness to work together.

All my life I have been told I don’t live in the real world because I choose to believe in a better world. I do believe we can change things around, I do believe that we can care for one another, and I do believe that we are the answer, and the only answer to healing this glorious world we live in.

Why is it that belief is so criticized? Why do we relish the negative the drama rather than a positive answer? Why do we buy into hysteria, choosing to think badly about people instead of believing in the good? Why am I “out to lunch” because I believe that humanity can grow up and care, share, and enable this planet in to glory? WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE WE CAN?

Yes I have known my fair share of darkness, yes things have happened to me to make me want to hate, yes I have felt pain, disrespect been misunderstood, ridiculed, hurt, victimized. Yes I have physical issues, yes I have trust issues and yes I STILL BELIEVE IN THIS WORLD AND ITS PEOPLE.

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All of the people I get to interview on Self Discovery Radio have had a journey of pain loss disconnect crisis, but they chose to get back up to look to the blessings of life, embrace the joy to be found and see the wonders of this planet and the meaningful purpose of themselves in it. When you finally find that sense of peace within you, you do not want to entertain the hate or discord of life. Living in a place of harmony, of spirit, of divine love, you cannot hate for that contradicts the very purpose of love. Do I still get mad at the injustice done to humanity and all living life? you bet yer, but I understand that to hate back would be counterproductive and not resolve anything.

Energy is in all living things, every particle of life, we are energy and we can choose to be positive energy or not. Vibrations are what we resonate, do we raise the frequency to reach more people or do we vibrate a low thunderous vibes that is soul shattering? We need to be raising those Good Vibration, we do it that with a smile, an act of kindness, caring for one another, listening with an open mind and not in judgment, giving a dam on what goes on in this world. It is sending out those good vibrations with love and consciousness awakening, you see an injustice being done, than send out the vibe of that person gaining a conscience so they know they do wrong, send out prayers and love to the victims to give them strength. Yes bring to justice, yes hold them accountable for the cruel hurtful sinful acts they do, but show them how to find a heart a soul so they learn of what they do and not to do.

I am not alone in this, I do not walk this path alone, for so many around the world have woken up to what life is really about. We are no longer in flight or fight mode, we no longer should be hungry, and we no longer have an excuse that we did not know, for knowledge is at our very fingertips. We cannot remain ignorant, we cannot turn a blind eye, we cannot just be an I but be an I who cares about the WE, for we are in this together, all of us, we need one another, we need to care for each other, we need to help one another and we need to embrace the possibilities of life living without hate, fear, distrust, greed, power, and cruelty. We are so much more than we are now, what are you going to do to make changes in your own life? What are you going to do in contributing to life around you? What are you going to do enabling others to find their own meaningful purpose and keep the cycle growing? What are you doing to be the person you were born to be?

The wonderful people I interview have found that meaningful purpose and they are living in it, sharing their knowledge and caring for society, and yes they had a hard ride getting there, but made the journey because they cared not only for life in general but for their joy of living an abundant life.

It is within us, it is around us, it is what we are here for, to care to share, to grow, to build, to dream, to manifest, for if we don’t then what are we here for? We are here of earth made up of incredible people just waiting for the chance to be awesome, so find our meaningful purpose and to be part of the solution, part of the building blocks, part of the harmony that we all need and seek.

The only thing left is for you to choose your role in life, that of one as a believer or a sceptic, the ones that builds or the ones that tears down, which one are you and are you acting on it? Be a part of the solution, believe and make it happen, please.

By Sara Troy

Producer at Self Discovery Radio


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