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Allowing the Knowingness

My soul is open to the divine and it speaks to my heart in truth, which ignites my spirit into opening my mind to what I need to know, when I need to know it. This is knowingness, being open to the source of life’s divine energy and allowing it to come through you into knowledgeable wisdom we can use.

This is my life’s beingness and only when I allow I do receive, for anger, hate and mistrust, closes these doors, and only caringness, kindness, willingness and love will open you up the power within and above.

So how do we get there, this place of divine trust and allowing? We feel our thoughts, so much of what is in our heads is just a reflection of what is going on around us. So, STOP, close your eyes, take a breath and go in deep into your soul and allow the wisdom to come through. You can’t think it there, although allowing the thoughts to flow and not dictate is key, you give your mind permission to open up to what can be, and let the source run through you.

I know for many, this is scary, letting go of thoughts and control, but the only control we have is when we let go and go with vibrational love. We are all energy, and energy needs to be in flow, it needs constant movement, just like the oxygen and blood within us, but we need to be still enough to know how to attach to that divine flow of life.

I have always been a knowingness person, even when I did not understand it, I knew, it was for someone else to receive the knowledge, they would understand it. In a world where you are being told what to do all the time, it can be hard to step into one’s self and let it be. When we choose to take that path of self love and alignment, we find a place within us that is one of peace, truth and enlightenment, and that is the wisdom you need to allow to flow as it will lead you to your own divine path and meaningful purpose.

We are here in these bodies on this planet to learn to experience and to live in harmony with our spirituality and humanness. We are spiritual beings having human experience, and that uniting of our souls to human heart, gives us all the direction we need to allow life’s adventures and expand out hearts and minds into what we are really here for.

Our purpose is to be of service to one another, to live in the higher vibration of kindness, compassion, collaborations, and LOVE. With these things driving us, we will walk the path of wonderment and inner love will exude that love wherever we go.

May you know how to open you soul, heart spirit and mind to the knowingness, and let yourself flow into life with a service of love and skills that helps everyone.

By Sara Troy

Podcast owner and director


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