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AK20-31 Lynne Cockrum-Murphy We are the Light the World has been waiting for.

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest LYNNE COCKRUM-MURPHY, ED.D., L.I.S.A.C. on air from July 28th

An empowerment speaker, author, spiritual teacher, intuitive consultant, licensed substance abuse counselor and ThetaHealer®, Dr. Lynne lived an unusually challenging first 25 years. The multiple traumas she experienced amplified her compassion, wisdom and the spiritual acumen. As a result, she is gifted when helping people in their quest for healing and inner peace.

Dr. Lynne speaks, teaches and heals while on stage. People experience not

only insights; they grow and transform when engaging with her.

With her extensive background, years teaching meditation and healing practices, she is attuned to her audience and intuitively knows how to best address their pain and provide relief in short time.

Topics include Awakening, Healing, Releasing Limitations, Self-Validation and True Self.

What people have said about Dr. Lynne

  1. “Dr. Lynne’s presentation would help anyone who is interested in personal growth and looking for practical tools to assist in moving forward through past pain.” Vickie

  2. “Thank you for your presentation. It reawakened a part of me I had forgotten and will be very helpful in my journey.” Barbara

  3. “That voice! You have no idea how much you’ve influenced me in my spiritual journey. Thank-you.” Allie

  4. “Thanks for your workshop; your guided meditation brought me tears of joy!” Chris

Dr. Lynne is available for interview or to speak with your group on spiritual and personal development and growth. She travels as needed and has presented to groups in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and the Caribbean.


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