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AK 20-19 The Magic Happens: Humanity is Thriving Out Loud.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Kathleen.a.Mccarthy, on-air from May 12th

The Magic Happens is a popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. I am Kat the managing editor and chief discoverer of talent for the magazine. The Magic Happens is my passion and the work that I put the most time into. I am a believer. I believe in what is happening right now. I believe in ‘the happiness movement.’ The Magic Happens invites us to relax and celebrate – be happy for happiness’ sake. TMH is about thriving, thriving is about being happy. Thriving and happiness are both choices. We choose to be happy.. Or Not… I/we, therefore, offer you choices. We virtually hold your hand while you explore the new choice. While you explore a new perspective so that you can see yourself thriving. So you can see yourself happy. Join us. Read with us. Love us, as we love you. 🙂 If you write, join us and discover the value of support among people who care about your passion and success.

We seek to inject uplifting content into the lives of our readers and to help those with that content to get their message and teachings to those readers.

I grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada. By the time I was 6 it was apparent that I had anger issues. From there, I was a problem child and as a teenager, I was the sort that you wouldn’t want your own kids hanging out with.

At 17 I realized that I wasn’t liked by most folks and took my first personal development course – Transactual Analysis. Then Adventures in Attitude.

In my late 20’s my sister recruited me into Amway and I spend 4 years devouring their personal development materials, though I never worked the business.

From there, I landed on a team of people building an internet community for the website of John Milton Fogg, an author of some wonderful Network Marketing/personal development books. This is where I was introduced to the law of attraction and Ester Hicks/Abraham.

Most of that team moved together to build a new community called Powerful Intentions which grew to 200,000 strong. As things changed on the internet we drifted apart and went on to other things. That other thing for me was The Magic Happens Magazine. I was 44 at that time.

Some folks are still with us now who started with us.

I met my husband, who lived in Norway (though he is from Denmark) through The Magic Happens. After 2 years of us both flying back and forth between Canada and Norway to spend time together, we decided to get married. I moved to Norway permanently in 2010.

September 2015 I left Norway for almost a whole year to get custody of my grandchildren. July 2016, we brought them home to live with us. They are both special needs kids and require a lot of my time. They are doing well and we love them dearly.


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