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A New Year a New Day a New Way of LIVING

A clean slate, a new start, new hope, new dreams, this is what a new year means.


Be Invitational. Be Inspired. Be required to choose a better life for yourself, for when you do, you bring that joy to your community to your  family and friends, to your purpose to your soul and heart that then mends.

Only take from the past year the tools that will help you build a new year. Only take a positive attitude that will invite others to walk with you. Only be inspired by those who are authentically living who are doing it today and who invite and guide you to your life’s divine journey.

Our choice to be or not to be is within us, in our thoughts, our words, our actions and our feelings, our very vibrations for when we care, when we give, when we share we receive for we are are the solution to this world.

May 2016 be your abundant year, filled with health, wealth, meaningful purpose and a love of life that shows you the love of self, for that loving of self is our worlds abundant enrichment.

Sara Troy

Self Discovery Radio


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