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A New Hope for Canada

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Canada voted for interaction and participation last night and this election gave me hope, because he, Justin Trudeau​ spoke 2 words that mean a lot to me, positivity and collaboration with us all making it happen. We need a forward thinker, its time and I think we should get behind him to make it happen. If he fails it is because we decided the old ways worked and we did not step up the the plate to make the changes necessary to help our nation and build a better world.


Choosing to see what is possible, what can be, what you can do to contribute is what is needed now. Time for mudslinging is over, time for change is here, so roll up your sleeves step up and make those changes in your own life so you too can be  a part of a positive future of your own making and let this country be GREAT once more.

Sara Troy

Self Discovery Radio


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