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A Dream Long Dreamt 04/26 by Sara Troy | Motivation Podcasts

Over the years I have dreamt of creating certain things, now closer to a possibility of making it happen, I am looking at the collective picture to make happen, come hear my dreams and see if you want to be a part of them. I believe if we bring the business world and the wellness world together in ethical, dignified, respectful and enlightened collaboration, we would unit the good vibrations this world needs to move forward into global well-being productivity. Back in 2001 when I stated The Art of Positive Living, I desired a large old house that would provide holistic services for those willing to embrace a new path to wellness. In this house was an aromatherapy room, a massage room, a yoga room, an acupuncture room, an intuitive room, an inferred sauna room, a child care room for parents, a social guidance therapy room, and a juice bar with healthy snacks room. It would have been a membership and would have allowed 20% of its participant’s free to allow access to people like Mums, Dads, care givers and homeless who need it and can’t afford it. A dream not yet realized but still obtainable. More on


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