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51 And Just Getting Married: A Thank You Note To My Dog


Dear Ariel:

You have changed my life! Some people might find this difficult to understand—you being a dog and all. When I met you, we both needed some help. You had some physical ailments and I had some spiritual ones. I really didn’t know what was missing in my life—after all, you can’t really miss what you never had. Being an only child with no children of my own, and at the time, no spouse, I could just focus on me and not pay that much attention to my surroundings. I came and went as I pleased while trying to be a decent person who had a little fun along the way.

Then something began to change. To say I became attached to you would be the understatement of the year! I found myself distraught when you were sick and almost inconsolable when you had Cancer. I also remember when you got clipped by that 10-speed bike racing past us. But, the little twelve pound warrior that you are, you came out of all those challenges shining with that special glow in those big, brown, beautiful eyes. I on the other hand was trudging through life. You cuddled with me when I cried and made me laugh every day with your crazy antics and confident attitude. You needed me—and boy did I need you.

For the first time, I had the responsibility of taking care of a living creature who actually had lots more needs than a goldfish.  As the days have gone by, this has deepened me emotionally— opening up much more love then I knew I had to me. I rarely ever said “I love you” to anyone and now I say it several times a day to you.  As time passed, that love began to transfer to other people, which allowed my heart to open and expand exponentially to the point that I had actually grown into a more expansive version of me.

Your Papa Ryan calls you my Number 1. I think that’s ok because, without you, I’m not sure he would be with us today. I’ve opened my eyes to a much greater appreciation of beauty, love, other people and animals. Some people think I’m crazy to feel this way—others think it’s totally normal. I guess it really doesn’t matter because any deep connection should be treasured—whether Man OR Beast.

I am grateful to walk you, hug you, feed you, take you to the Vet and the Groomer, play with you, give you your meds and whatever else it takes to keep you happy and well. In exchange, I get to learn, love and take in the joy that you provide. A small price to pay for a better, richer life.

You’re a force to be reckoned with Ms. Ariel Jean. I am grateful for you as we are, and will always be, connected souls forever.

With Much Love,


51 and Just Getting Married is a series of blogs about marrying for the first time as a mature bride.

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