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20-49 Being Festive in Covid times.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air December 1st

We are still in a pandemic, an economic crises and a redirection in our lives. Christmas, or any other celebration, is going to be different this year, we may not be able to be with our families, or at least our large families, we may even have to zoom Christmas, but that is ok, we can get through it, for we still have each other.

This pandemic is out of control, largely to people who think it is a government conspiracy and a control over their rights. But, it is a killer, and with over 12 million infectected in the US alone, and other parts of the world overwhelmed by it all, we will not see the light for a while yet.

I wish people would wear a mask without making an argument. I wish people would take this seriously and respect we need to guard lives and protect each other from this deadly disease. Science has shown us, masks work, washing hands work, social distancing works, so why are we not using our common sense and following the rules in order to save lives.

We are going to have to adjust this Christmas, we are going to have to do things differently. We can get creative and participate with each other in different ways, like Zoom, Skype, Messenger etc. We can reach out to those all alone, young or old, and send them a card, or call them, or have a zoom call, ever a sing-a-long.

It is time to come together and support our local community in any safe way we can, and not leave anyone alone or out, for all we really want is to matter in people’s lives.


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