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20-44 What Expectations did you have for your life?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from October 27th

We have so many expectations for our lives, do we feel let down if we do not achieve them? We have so many dreams from our childhood, so many people we want to be, want to explore, but were we nurtured to explore them or told to follow another path?

Dreams are good, acting on them even better, having a passion for something makes it easy to follow ones path, but what if you don’t know your passion because expectations got in the way, like living up to parents dreams, societies expectations, faith and control not giving the the light to follow.

It is never too late to follow a passion, a dream, a desire. It is why you are here, you were giving a gift a meaningful purpose to be, and if you were denied the watering of those beautiful seeds, you were taken of track. Pause, take time to really look at your life right now, and ask your self, who am I now, where am I, and am I in the right place doing the right thing for my purpose using my divine gift?

I speak to the conflict of living up to external expectations and the ones you have on your self, and how to follow your path right now.


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