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20-41 Giving Thanks this Thanks Giving

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from October 6th

It is my Birthday today, October 6th, and I am thankful to have reached 66 years young. I am thankful to be with my family this weekend for our Canadian Thanks Giving, and I am thankful to be able to do what I do.

If even in these times we can look at what to be grateful for and not to dwell on the have nots, we will navigate through these turbulent times thankful to still see all the possibilities that lay before us.

When one door closes, there is always another door, or window that will open, we just have to be calm, pause, breathe and be willing to walk forward blind deaf and dumb in order to see hear and feel.

I am, despite my health condition, financial and age challenges, being able to still do my interviews on Self Discovery Media of illuminating wisdom that changes the lives of those that choose to listen.

I am very thankful for my loving family and supportive friends (both online and off) and for where I am living, very thankful.

So take a moment to write out what you DO HAVE to be Thankful for it, FOR THAT GRATITUDE WILL SEE YOU MOVING FORWARD IN A CLEAR LIGHT.


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