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20-40 Who do you know yourself to be?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 29th

Who are you really? are you living from the inside out? or are you living by everyone else’s expectations? Do you feel disconnected from your beingness? Do you feel disconnected from your life? Has society told you who you should be?

We have been so conditioned to live by others standards, other expectations, others dictations. It is hard to know who we really are when we live from all those external pressures.

Society, religion, education, parents, they have all molded you to survive to a life of conformity, not a life where you think, feel, and live for yourself. We are in an area of self-discovery and self-ownership and self creativity, allow yourself to become who you were divinely designed to be, for that perfectly flawsome imperfect self is where your gift lays.

We are not here to be robots mindlessly obeying without thought, we are here to be an individual cell in a collective cell structure, bringing our authentic abundant instrument to the orchestra of life. We are one in the collectiveness of human and universal life.

When you are willing to go through your own self-discovery, journey into your authentic soul, heart, spirit, and mind, you will then truly understand your gift and your meaning of life.

Purpose, we all seek it, we all need it, we are all have one, we will only discover it when we discover our true selves.

Now is the time we need your flawesomeness, your beautiful joyful creative spirit, and mind, for you are a solution in a world of turmoil, and we need you to be all of whom you are in all of your divine abundances.

Do not be afraid to be you, to ask for help, to discover where the sorrow and pain comes from, and to take away its power and empower your own worth courage, and strengths. We have here on self-discovery media and community, people who have journeyed before you, and now share their skill, knowledge, and wisdom so you may apply it to your own extraordinary life.



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