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20-39 Ruth Ginsburg stood up for us, NOW let us stand up for each other.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy thanks Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on air from September 22nd

“Because of this astounding human being . . .

* Women can take out a credit card in their own names without a male signatory

* Women can’t be fired for being pregnant

* Women can earn admittance into military academies

* Women are legally protected from any form of violence

* Women are allowed to live with their significant other without being married

* Women can ask for divorce due to domestic violence

* Women can open their own bank accounts without male permission

* Women can adopt a baby as a single woman

* Women are allowed to sue companies for pay discrimination even after six months have passed and on…and on…and on.

We owe an immeasurable amount of gratitude to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the freedoms we enjoy today as women. It’s now on us to never take for granted the progress we’ve made while at the same time continuing her fight for equality and women’s rights.

Rest in power RBG.”

We as women have gone through hell and back over the centuries, but, with our belief in each other, in our chosen God, in divine Love, and in the tenacity to rise above and fight for the rights of others, we can prevail and bring about equality to this world and each other.

I invite you to cruise around our site and see all the wonderful women making a difference in the lives of others because the stood up in their own lives.


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