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20-33 Empowering Our Personal Consciousness

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy on air from August 11th

Consciousness, Awakening, Enlightenment, Tuning-in, are all statements to allowing our selves to step into that source of energy that feeds our soul, heart, spirits, and minds.

We are in the age of Awakening to a higher consciousness that raises our vibration to a more loving and creative state of being. This is so needed right now as a human race we have let our selves down, and the only way out of this thunderous vibration of disruption is to rise up to a higher frequency in acts of caringness, kindness, and love of self, life and all in it.

The choice is ours, we can keep feeding the loathing, the disfunction, the hate, or we can feed the caringness, kindness, consideration, collaborations, our self love, love of all life, the cosmic loving energy and see how our lives and that of our planet rises up.

Which will you be choosing?


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