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20-29 Loving of Self this Summer

Sara’s View of Life with Saras Troy, on air from July 14th

Life is changing and we are being asked to change with it. In these redirectional times, let us look at what to be grateful for and what possibilities lay before us.

I recently saw my children and friends and got my much needed hug from them. When you are deprived of the simple things you realize how much you miss them and maybe how much you take them for granted. One should never take friends and family for granted, for they are there for you no matter what and that connection needs to be kept going no matter what.

Do not be afraid of these redirections, we needed them, they way we were living life was not kind to our planet, our daily workers and to our souls. In this time of change it is an open canvass to paint what we want out of our lives and how to feel life within us and ignite that heart and soul to the love plain and resonate at a higher vibration.

Self Love is essential in todays living, loving ones self and your meaningful purpose and bringing that as a service to ignite other souls is what we need in this world. We are the light we seek, we are the solution to the worlds problems, we have the tools to solve our own issues, so go in and heal your heart, go in and ignite your soul, go in and erase old programing, go in and embrace your inner child.


When you become that love living in an authentic grateful mindset, you will understand what life is all about and your part in it. So this summer, immerse your self in all that is loving and let the sun warm your heart and soul and lift your spirit into inner and outer joy.


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