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20-27 My Orchard of Wisdom Is Compassionate Love.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from June 30th

Coming from a place of compassion and love makes my job easy, for it invites those loving souls to come and share their loving passion and acquired skills for those who are in a transition in life.

Self Discovery Media and all the Orchard of Wisdom shows is a humble place. We are more the Tea room or coffee house where you can get an honest dish of wisdom served. Sometimes it may be more that glass of wine or double Scotch type show, but whatever it is, it comes from a place of love.

In the 8 years, I have been hosting (7 years my own Podcast network) I have learned a lot about people and my self. It is not about the bells and whistles, it is not who has the most followers, or the people who are famous, it is about the people who have taken their own journey in life and now in their divine wisdom wish to share the skills and tools that you will need to go through your own process in life.

I am asked if I interview celebrities, my answer is that everyone here on Self Discovery Media Community is a celebrity for we celebrate those for who they are and what they are here to share with the world.

It does not matter if it is a beginner who is just spreading their wings for the first time or a seasoned person who shares their knowledge because they love helping people. Stories of courage, strength, and found ability is the common theme here, for only those who have walked the path can be of service to another., they make the BEST TEACHERS.

Why do I bring you these people? because I know that you will be inspired by their journey and find an answer to a problem you may not even know you have and find a meaning in it that will propel you forward.

Inspiration begets Invitation.

I know that I am a changed woman because of all these wonderful stories. I know that I am stronger, calmer, wiser, more whole subsequently because of what I have discovered about my self because of these wonderful people who share life’s joy, caring, kindness, skills, compassion, and loving tools to transform one’s life for the better.

I do not have a fancy site, it is the same template as when I started, but it is clear and bright and I hope to all invitational. You see it is not about fame, money, or self-importance, but the pure joy of sharing someone AWESOME who has embraced their life no matter how hard a journey they had.

One day I will make it purely a Non Profit site, but for now, to keep the doors open I have to charge my guests, but what I have found, the true people who respect themselves will also respect my work and not bat an eyelid about it. I still support the beginners who are stepping out onto the wondrous path, also the organizations that are supporting a course themselves because everyone deserves that break to propel forward.

I have found my calling, my meaningful purpose, this is what I am meant to do and I am proud of who I am and the path I am taking. There are always some root problems that stop us from being all we can be. For some, it is an inner child needing to be loved, for others a validation that they count, for some a drive to archive greatness in discovering that greatness is when you empower others. We all have to face a crossroads and be willing to redirect our selves to become the beautiful instrument that joins a Life’s Orchestra that plays harmonious music that touches people’s hearts.

There is some style needed in podcasting, some etiquette to follow as a host and a guest. Our own authenticity is key as that is what leads the way in the hosting, but, also one needs authentic guests who really want to help others as their driving force will always make for an uplifting and inspiring show.

Come and Be Our Guest and or Mentor and share your wisdom with the world. FIND GUEST INFO HERE


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